Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Are Doomed

John Derbyshire's new book "We Are Doomed" caught my attention yesterday while surfing the net. While looking into it I stumbled across an excerpt from the book. After reading it I had to think there was definitely something to what he was saying. Not in a Chicken Little kind of way but more so in a manner of stark realism. And then to my surprise, this morning I stumbled across a Newsweek article by Julia Baird titled "Positively Downbeat - Sometimes happiness isn't everything." Coming from Newsweek, I immediately thought this has to give my thinking some balance.

How odd. Two days in a row. Is this a sign? Maybe my pessimism is not so bad. Maybe the gushy optimism we have been subjected to in our class rooms, work places, and so many other aspects of our lives for so many years, especially the last 18 months is not so good. Maybe, just maybe, too much kool-aid makes you sick.

I'll keep it short. Read the excerpt and article and draw your own conclusions. My conclusion: a healthy level of good old fashioned conservative pessimism is good. It will keep you safe and take you far. The audacity of logic and pragmatism. Too much happy-go-lucky liberal optimism is bad. It will blind you with delusions and expose you to risk and ultimate failure. As it has been said before, too much of a good thing can kill you. There has to be some moderation.

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