Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where Do We Stand?

In the wake of 9/11, I have been thinking about what it is that actually holds us together as Americans.  We seem to disagree on so much that can the Republic survive with such polar opposite views and opinions?  Where do you come down on these issues?

1.  State directed or Free market economy?
2.  Individual liberty or collective good?
3.  The Founding Fathers were:  Deist/Atheist or devoted Christians?
4.  The Constitution is a living breathing document or it should be strictly interpreted?
5.  American is a good and just country - or America is a flawed country that has made the world a worse place?
6.  Gay marriage is a just cause or gay marriage is a socially destructive force that threatens our society?
7.  Abortion is okay?
8.  The Federal Government has too much power or the Federal Government has just the right amount of power?
9.  The New Deal brought us out of the Great Depression or lengthened and worsened it?
10.  Trickle down economics does not work or it is the best mechanism for the free market?
11.  Israel is a wicked and oppressive country or Israel is our greatest ally. 
12.  Global Warming is a myth or Global Warming is the greatest threat to our World today?
13.  The needs of the endangered species should always be on a higher scale than human enterprise and well being?  Or, human impact must be taken into consideration when ruling on endangered species issues?
14.  Government run schools or school choice?
15.  Business is basically evil and Unions are needed to protect the working people?  Or Unions destroy companies, enterprises, and communities and limit the competitive advantage of American companies saddled with them?
16.  Global trade should be encouraged as a way to foster cooperation and grow wealth, or US companies should not have to compete with slave labor made products and higher tariffs should be applied to imported goods?
17.  I believe that rich people take advantage of poor people and should be taxed accordingly, or rich people create jobs for poor people and give them the opportunity to improve their lives?
18.  Welfare should be administered by the state.  Welfare should be administered by the church.
19.  The USA is a Christian country founded on Judeo-Christian principals.  The USA is a secular country and God has no place in the public arena.
20.  The liberal phylosophy of government works in the real world or the conservative phylosophy works in the real world.
21.  People are basically good - people are basically bad.

Where do you stand?

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