Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where is the Uproar?

Please, tell me that more people than just my humble self are outraged at the hypocrisy coming out of the People Republic of Massachusetts.

First the Democratic state legislature changes the law on appointing successors to the US Senate when they thought Kerry would be elected and they did not want Mitt Romney appointing a Senator. Now, they went and changed the law back to give the Democratic Governor the authority to appoint a Senator thereby taking away the rights of the people of Massachusetts.

They obviously have no shame - and what they have done is wrong. But, ask yourself if it was really unexpected out of them?


  1. A perfect example of how our politicians are out of touch with the people, and why their approval ratings are in the toilet. If people trusted me as much as they trust politicians, according to recent polls, I would be divorced, unemployeed, homeless, and destitute.

  2. And I wouldn't be able to score worth a damn...

  3. Patrick - you expected better? Really?

  4. I find that I try to trust in the common good of man, and as such I am always dissapointed by this kind of behavior, even though I really expected down deep.

    I guess I truly hoped for better, but did not really expect better from this shameless collection of politicians.

    On the other hand, this is from a state that practically worships the family of a known bootlegger who was blessed with a little more social skills than his Chicago counterpart Al Capone. The same man that as Ambassador to England was on the record as thinking his Buddy Adolf Hitler was not such a bad guy who had some really good thoughts on how to do things. The Kennedy's as American Royalty? Not my America - thank you very much. But what a shameful legacy for the home state of John Adams...



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