Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Did Ayers write Dreams From My Father for Obama?

Very interesting post at American Thinker. Follow the link. Reportedly Anne Leary of Back Yard Conservative ran in to Bill Ayers at Reagan National Airport in DC last week. She discussed the authorship of Barrack Obama's book "Dreams From my Father" with him. According to Anne Leary, Bill Ayers the Weather Underground co-founder admitted to writing this book for Mr. Obama. Reportedly at the urging of Michelle Obama.

A lot of people use ghost writers in this manner, and I'm not taking issue with that right now. But if this is true, then what about all of those statements that Barrack Obama made stating he had only a casual acquaintance with this admitted Leftist Terrorist? And please tell me, where were the hard hitting journalists pre-election concerning this issue?

Sure seems like this is starting to unravel for the President. Hold on, it's getting interesting...

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