Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Destroy a Country - Course number 1101

If you wish to destroy a country, you must destroy its men.  The American man is under greater attack than at any time in our history and many have already been destroyed.  The man is tasked by God to be the protector and provider for the family.  He is the spiritual head and charged with teaching his children about God and what it means to be a man or a woman in our society.  He is the physically strong worker who lifts, carries, and builds.  The man is the enforcer with the children and protector of his wife.  If men fail to do what God has set before them to do - the family fails and then society fails.

Men are undermined in the following ways:

Their Fathers deserted them, so they do not know how to be men.
Their wives and girlfriends abort their children
Their physical labor (farming, building, manufacturing) are being destroyed at the highest rate in this economy.
They are depicted as buffoons and idiots on sitcoms and movies
The church has failed to engage them and instead has become a female dominated institution.
Their sexuality is under attack by the homosexual agenda.
Their maleness and masculine traits are discouraged and frowned upon.
They attend schools and jobs where they are expected to be still, be quiet, and behave.

The results are catastrophic - our men are without honor, conscience, and purpose.  They are users; selfish and needy.  They are criminals or lay abouts.  They are passive.  They are abusers of women and abandoners of children.  They are humans without purpose. 

It is so sad.


  1. Of course, my big strong Founders are exempt from this post as you are all the real deal.

  2. I concur. I'm always amazed at how men are depicted by the entertainment industry, to include advertisers, as morons. Watch, or listen to, some commercials where men and women interact and in probably 99% of the cases, where one of the two is made out to be an idiot, it is usually the man. Probably the main reason I'm still single is that most of the women I run into see me as a target. Because I'm self confident, they usually try to combat that. Most of the time it's sub-conscious, but sometimes it’s pretty overt. Because I don’t fit the mold of being an imbecile, they feel the need to challenge this. Unfortunately, women, for the most part, have been conditioned to respond like this, being a product of our current culture. I believe this all started when women were forced to give up their status as mothers and homemakers, one of the most important jobs on the planet, and had to enter the workforce to provide a second income. Consequently, most women now see men as competitors, rather than partners, and it ends up being a contest to see if they can build up their ego by trying to get the better of men somehow. That gets pretty old.

  3. I heard recently that for the first time in American history there are more women working than men. The major job losses in our economy have been male dominated fields. Wives are pulling double duty and men are being broken by lack of honest labor. This has generational implications and does not bode well for the future of America.

  4. All men, and most women, should read "Wild at Heart" and "Fathered by God" two great books by John Eldredge. The heart and spirit of the good, godly and just warrior man is the only thing at stake here. I've planted my flag in the ground and I'm leading a book study on Wild at Heart now. John does not have all the answers, but I think he has us on the right path.



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