Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of Conservatism and Racism

Bill O'Reilly takes on the issue of Rush Limbaugh and his quest to own an NFL Franchise. Now Rush says a lot of passion invoking things, but I have never heard him say something that was plainly racist. You do not have to like him, and at times I find him way to much, to over the top, but notice that the claims of racism and racist comments from his detractors have not been substantiated. At the same time, Guys like Jessie Jackson can make all the racist comments he wants about Jewish people, and Al Sharpton can jump on the bandwagon condemning Duke Lacrosse players, but they are never called out by our mainstream media.

Racism in any form is wrong and it flat out is not something we should accept in this country. But it is a knife that cuts both ways and everyone should be held to the same standards.


  1. Whereas the door of racism should swing, and in doing so, swing both ways, we have allowed it to become a revolving door, only turning in one direction, allowing the people who use it to move in and out at their discretion, using it to pass in both directions. You are correct, it is wrong, period, and should be condemned in all circumstances. It should not be used as a tool.

  2. Never forget that Al Sharpton came to national prominence through the Tawana Brawley hoax. He is a charlatan and he and his ilk are responsible for the divisiveness in this country and for perpetuating racism.



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