Friday, October 16, 2009

A Letter to The President

This is my letter to President Barack H. Obama to express my concerns over a few issues.  I did not necessarily expect a response, although I have always gotten some form of response in the past.  I am used to the form letter that doesn't specifically address my concern.  But what I got this time hit me differently.

 August 12, 2009

President Barack H. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

I write this letter to express my sincere concerns over the state of our country at this very important time in its history. I was disappointed in the passing of the stimulus package without an appropriate period of time for review and debate. I was disappointed in the handling and passage of the Cap and Trade legislation. And now I am extremely disappointed in the handling of this health care issue.

I understand your concern over our health care problems and agree wholeheartedly that reform is needed. It is obvious that this issue is creating intense emotion and division between opponents and supporters. But I also think that it is only a small portion of a bigger picture that has finally come into view for many American’s. I fully understand that you have to pick a side and that passage of this legislation is of extreme importance to you. However, I feel that you are making accusations about your opponents in an effort to garner support that is equally applicable to you and your supporters.

You have made statements referring to the opposition trying to maintain status quo, and statements to the effect that we cannot afford to do nothing about this health care issue. I would contend that if you were honoring one of your campaign promises and forcing a truly bipartisan effort there are many ideas that your opponents have and believe would help in solving many of our health care issues. I am left to think that we have come to a cross road where you have your ideas and approach, and anything contrary to that will not be entertained. Your reluctance to include measures to address significant root causes is maintaining status quo, just from a different side.

While I do believe that my following ideas will not find much support in our current Congress and Executive administration, I would like to exercise my rights to at least express them in the hopes that one day someone will do something truly radical and succeed in making real change that does away with the status quo in a real and effective way. Every public servant we elect takes an oath to defend our Constitution from enemies both domestic and foreign. I believe that we have been on a slow road to ruin in the sense that we continuously chip away at the framework that our founders put in place. Weakening that framework is weakening our country. We need to reverse that trend, but it cannot be done with one wholesale change. It must be done by attacking the problems in manageable bites. Once they have been brought under control, take another step, another bite. This would be my surgical, precision approach to health care reform.

I firmly believe that the myriad of problems we see in this country go back to three root causes that are intertwined in a way that they must all be addressed with respect to one another and at the same time. These not only have adverse effects on healthcare, they impact everything in one way or another. They are universally responsible for the majority of our countries ills. Do this one thing and step back while many other problems begin to get fixed through bipartisan effort with the people’s true best interest and desires being met. For this country to move forward and regain our prosperity we must initiate term limits and have significant tort and lobbying reform.

I know that your time is valuable and will not debate these three items in much detail. I am educated and of above average intelligence. Knowing that you are more educated than I, and likely of higher intelligence, you are fully capable of coming to a similar logical conclusion. Simply stated career politicians will oft times serve their best interest, not necessarily that of their constituents. Oft times that so called best interest is highlighted by a lobbyist. Money is a strong motivator, and staying in a position to benefit from the flow of money from the lobbyist becomes a primary objective. And this vicious circle intertwines itself with tort reform keeping it from happening because the trial lobbyists have extreme power and there are politicians who want to stay in office to benefit financially and otherwise. Legal costs in this country inflate the cost of doing business in all industries and sectors of our lives. Health care is a prime example of this.

Our presidential term is limited. Shouldn’t all elected officials terms be limited? I would like an honest answer to an honest question. Have you ever benefited personally in any way from any lobbyists actions, and have their actions ever influenced your decisions in any way? I would question any career politician who tried to say no. After all, we are all human. And this is why we need boundaries to keep our inherent flaws from doing damage to our nation. But, as you can see, expecting our elected officials to change this system is likened to putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

President Obama, we need change. We need real change. I hope that you may find it in yourself to agree with at least some of what I have said, and in doing so make an effort at change that will truly preserve and protect America and all Americans.


cc: The Honorable Jim DeMint, United States Senate
The Honorable Lindsay Graham, United States Senate
The Honorable Bob Inglis, United States House of Representatives
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives

This is his "form letter" response.

Not that I expected a PERSONAL response, but I have yet to get a response that even closely addresses the point of any of my letters.  But in this letter, I want you to read what he says and tell me if you really believe what is being sold.  I am personally offended that his aides couldn't do a better job of picking a form letter that tries to address at least a portion of my concerns, but it is also offensive to be sold a bill of goods for an empty basket.  This letter is riddled with false claims and false promises.  Transparency?  Lobbyist reform?  Encourage open debate of issues?  Come on!  I know there are people who like Obama.  I don't know him personally to like or dislike him in that way, but I do not like him as our president.

I try to find intellectual debates on this but it appears you are either for or against Obama.  Once you pick a side there isn't any changing of minds that any debate will cause.  So please read this response and if you want to think of me as just another Obama hater, fine.  But when you look in the mirror tonight with noone but yourself to answer to, ask yourself if you really trust Obama.  Would you trust him the way you trust other people in your personal life to look after you and take care of you with your best interest in mind?  Or, at the end of the day, is he just another politician looking out for himself and his cronies?  In my opinion he does not have enough personal integrity to be someone I would ever consider as a close friend.  I trust my friends without question in any situation with everything I own, including my life.  But not Obama, nor Bush, nor 80% of the knot heads taking up valuable space on Capitol Hill.  I've made my decision, make yours.  And we will both go about our ways and live with the consequences.


  1. Sure, I trust Obama. I trust him to do everything in his power to grow government and keep himself and his successors, along with their ideology, in power, long enough to change the very fabric of our society, and a few more years even after that.

  2. John - your letter was excellent and the responce laughable. The misdirection and outright lies from this administration are truly something to behold. I do not believe I have ever witnessed anything like it.



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