Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Angie Comics

I recently ran across a talented cartoonist, whose comic strip I will post here from time to time as they are not only insightful, but pretty darn funny too. I will include two of the newest ones at the end of this post - I encourage you to check them out regularly. Below is the response I received back from the author, Dave Redl.

Thanks for the compliment and a very big thanks for asking permission!
(You must know about copyright! Maybe we can teach China about

Yes you may post Angie on your blog! (I post a new strip every
weekday 8AM eastern, if you want to get "right on it".)
Keep in touch! Let me know how it goes and what you post. Include
your own rants and news. Lord knows the media barely covers it. Plus
I need the material....

PS: I love Jim Carey. Then I read your blog:
“Every construct we’ve built in American life is falling apart. Why?
Because of personal greed and ambition. Capitalism without regulation
can’t protect us against personal greed..."

Poor Jim. He means well. Unfortunately capitalism is not the enemy.
We are. Presidents, government, laws and / or regulation,
conservative or liberal can't make people good. Especially if some of
the law makers are, as Jim puts it, "ambitious and greedy." Which is
why I favor conservative laws. They work just as well but remain
simpler and more free.

Religion points us in the right direction, which is why conservatives
sometimes drag religion into government, with good intentions but with
bad results. Often doing so make conservatives look old, crusty, out
of touch and even villainous, much like Jim's Scrooge character.
Jim should be asking, what protects people's exercising of free will
to choose villainous behavior? The answer is outside Jim's window!

Hollywood! Hollywood and media has the power to encourage good
behavior! Imagine if being righteous, good and maybe even religious
becomes... cool! Jim's been so blinded by liberal ideology that
government can trump free will, he lost sight of the message in his
own movie! Perhaps he needs to read the Cliff Notes instead of the
script next time...

Thanks for your Blog!

I think I got an Angie Christmas comic strip!

Dave Redl
Illustrate 'da Debate!

Link to Angie Comics



  1. I will definitely keep reading your blog as you post interesting articles. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks Joey! We have a number of authors who post here. If you ever think you'd like to post with us, let me know and we'll see what we can do. And, don't forget to check out some of the links on our blog roll. And a Happy T-Day back at ya!



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