Thursday, November 19, 2009

You have GOT to see this!

This is a must see video! If you want to see how your tax dollars are being spent, and understand how the current administration is living up to the promise of transparency in government, then please, don't miss this video!


  1. So are you surprised? I wonder which one of Obama's cronies got the payoff for that sweetheart deal. This stuff becomes more and more Sovietesque every day...

  2. And, that's just ONE issue. Ever wonder why the AARP is now suddenly on board with Obama Care? How about the fact that they were recently given $18 million dollars of the stimulus money, for what was supposed to be job creation. No job has yet been created using the money, however, they say they are using the money to train people how to get a job, are you ready for this...wait for it... as employees in non-profit and volunteer organizations. Sounds a little like 'community organizers ' to me and smacks of it being ACORN-esque. But, that 18 mil is nothing compared to the hundreds of millions AARP will get from the Medicare gap plans it intends to sell to seniors to make up for Medicare being gutted buy Obama care.

  3. Looks like the worlds largest Ponzi Scheme to me. I wonder if the President is consulting with ole Bernie Madoff behind the scenes? It will be interesting to see how rich Mr. Obama becomes when he leaves office. I would project he will make Clinton's money grab look like an amateur hour...



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