Monday, November 16, 2009

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Dateline: Washington, D.C., Nov. 16th, 2009 - FOX News

The Senate Armed Services Committee postponed its Monday briefing on the deadly Fort Hood massacre at the request of the White House -- despite calls from some lawmakers to press forward with a congressional investigation into the shooting rampage that killed 13 and wounded 29.

I'm wondering why Congress, our Legislative Branch, is taking its marching orders from the Executive Branch these days. Seems a little strange to me. Does it seem that way to you also? What possibly could be wrong with Congress investigating the Ft. Hood shootings, other than finding out the truth, which may be a problem for the White House?

Other than a finding of Nidal Hasan being a terrorist, and that his actions do in fact amount to the first terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9-11, could it also be problematic for the White House to be indirectly associated with Hasan. You heard correctly my friends.

According to a PDF posted on George Washington University's Homeland Security Policy Institute's (HSPI) page, of a report titled, "Thinking Anew—Security Priorities for the Next Administration," PROCEEDINGS REPORT OF THE HSPI PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION TASK FORCE, April 2008-January 2009, it lists Nidal Hasan - Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, as a participant.

Of course, the White House will undoubtedly say that this organization had no direct policy making contributions to the President's Transition Team, however, let's pull from some of the text of this document.

From page 8, it reads, " was imperative for the next administration to practice transparency and the rule of law, which means closing Guantanamo Bay. HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo went further, stating that we ought to abandon the label “Global War on Terror”, which has the effect of elevating our adversaries and isolating our allies."

Read the report here:

Sound familiar? I guess it just means that what Obama’s incoming administration has made policy is just coincidental. They will also undoubtedly play down the importance of anything coming out of this group's meetings, however, you be the judge. Look at some of the heavy hitters on the steering committee, and then tell me if you think Obama's people would have disregarded anything that came from this report, a report that Hasan could have easily contributed to.

What does George Washington University's HSPI say about it all? They started distancing themselves from this whole mess almost immediately.

HSPI Statement on Nidal Hasan

I'll let our readers make their own conclusions.

Just one more thing. In case anyone says Hasan only registered, but didn't attend this symposium, there is a photo in this report that shows the back of a person's head - a person with the same balding pattern as Hasan, and who is in military fatigues. Of course, I'm sure this will be noted as just another "coincidence." You can view the photo on page 12 of the report. The person I'm referring to (Hasan) is sitting on the far left in the photo. You be the judge.

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