Monday, November 30, 2009

Calling Them Out - Harry Reid

I can't stand a liar, so today, I am calling one out.

Check out the first few seconds of this Fox News video:

More Cheerleading?

It it Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader makes a statement that is absolutely untrue.  The consequences to our Country are dire if this lie is allowed to become law.  

Lies he tells:

  • Our Program saves lives - LIE - their program will cost lives by fundamentally changing the greatest health care system in the world.  Ask the Brits and the Canadians, hell for that matter ask those living under Romney care in Massachusetts.
  • Our Program saves Money - At a 2 TRILLION dollar cost for the first 10 years (of which benefits are only paid for 5 but fees and taxes are collected for the full 10) this is a LIE.  The government has not historically been very good contemplating the long term cost of things, check out original estimates of Medicare - we are now 2000% higher than estimated, can we afford another entitlement?
  • Our Program saves Medicare - This is another joke - Medicare is broke, this healthcare debacle cuts Medicare payments and moves everyone to the government DMV style healthcare.
  • The Republicans don't have a plan - this is so blatantly untrue that any reasonably informed American knows this is a LIE.  I have seen the Coburn-Burr legislation.  Republicans have offered over 800 amendments that have all been rejected.

The days when all Americans got their news from the direction of the NY Times of over, Harry.  We know you are lying to us, SHAME on YOU, HARRY REID.

Harry Reid - Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 
(This Picture is considered in the Public Domain and was not taken by Dolley Madison)

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  1. The left have convinced themselves that they are telling the truth. They speak a lie so many times and in so many ways that they seem to convince themselves that they are telling the truth. It is an amazing thing to watch really.

    Funny thing is, most people look through history to see large events and people that caused a huge turn around good and bad. However, it is the erosion of our society little by little that is most damning this country. The Grand Canyon was caused overtime by erosion and what we see in the Arizona desert today looks nothing like it did a million years ago. So to has the erosion of these little lies, one on top of another, caused great erosion to our constitutional way of life in the USA. Evil grows by small steps people. Hitler was not made overnight, nor was Stalin or any of the others. They told their lies and little by little they took over.

    I watched a very interesting documentary on Hitler recently. They interviewed average German citizens that were alive during the rise of the National Socialist Party (NAZIS). They all said the same thing. They pretty much discounted Hitler and his evil crew as fools and buffoons until one day the average German could not contain the Evil and it took the Allies to put it all right again.

    The question is, if this kind of erosion occurs here in the USA and the Grand Canyon effect of evil takes control like it did in Nazi Germany, who is going to come here and set it right?



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