Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can You Imagine if Geoge W Bush did this? Part 2

We've played this game before and if you are so inclined, refer to Part 1 ; it was so much fun, I am sure Audacity of Logic readers would love to play again.

Can you imagine if GWB had, in the face of a Terrorist attack on the largest military base in the world, opened his nationally televised address with 3 minutes of light hearted banter?

Can you imagine during that light hearted banter if he had mistakenly referred to an audience member as a Medal of Honor winner, when the man was a Medal of Freedom winner, who GWB had given the honor to three months before?

Listen closely, you will hear the media uproar, wait for it..... {{Cricket}}  {{Cricket}}  Oh, sorry that was wishful thinking.

Shall I write up the piece?  Yeah, sure, what the heck?

In another display of ignorance and callousness, GWB in the face of the worst tragedy of terrorism since 9/11 joked with his audience while a grieving nation watched.  The nation looks to the President in times of crisis to calm and comfort us, and what did we get from this bumbling Texas buffoon?  I will let you, jokes and shout outs.  As further evidence of his lack of intellect the President referred to Joe Crow as a Medal of Honor winner.  The Medal of Honor is the highest military honor in the country and is reserved for military personnel who display outstanding courage and honor in the face of battle.  Joe Crow is not a Medal of Honor winner and should not have had the military's highest honor attributed to him by the President especially in light of the military attack just hours before.  No, Joe Crow is a Medal of Freedom winner and GWB should have known this, since three months ago, he himself had personally awarded the medal.  What an idiot.

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