Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Education Carrot

It is hard for me to watch Barack Obama, but since Fox News runs in our office in the lobby and the break room, the Teleprompter in Chief is hard to avoid.  I was getting a cup of water yesterday and stopped to listen to his Education speech in Madison Wisconsin.  The urge to vomit when he speaks has somewhat passed, so I was actually able to listen for a moment.  I stick to the conservative thought that the Dept of Education should be abolished and that the Fed has no Constitutional right to participate in Education, but that is another post entirely.

Once again, what he said sounded good.  States compete for $4B in education money for innovation and improving schools.  But what will the administration define as improvement?  Their values differ so greatly from mine, I shudder to think.  Then Obama adds, in order to compete, states have to rewrite some of their education laws that the Fed doesn't like.  It was with that, the urge to vomit returned and I left the room.


  1. I say go ahead and purge baby purge.

  2. Gee lady, tell us how you really feel.



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