Monday, November 30, 2009

History Repeating?

As the old saying goes, "those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Seems like this saying is coming out of my mouth at machine gun rates of fire these days.

Today I'm pondering the involvement of politicians (read Barrack Obama) in making decisions on how to fight a war.

Let's see... ah yes Truman. Harry Truman decided it was better to negotiate with the North Koreans instead of allowing General MacArthur to open up the campaign and spread into the North. MacArthur wanted to push the Chinese off of the Korean peninsula and back into China proper. He wanted to bomb Chinese bases across the border in China, but Truman would not let him fight the fight he knew we needed to fight. Of course we would not have had this issue if Truman had not negotiated with the Soviets to divide Korea into two as part of the surrender of Japan. This of course was a continuation of the ignorant policy enacted in Europe by FDR. Maybe that we would have all been better off had FDR listened to the council of General George Patton and gone ahead and taken out the Soviets while we had the man power in theater to handle them. Instead, we got the cold war. Truman continued the policies of FDR at the extreme detriment to the people of Korea. We still deal with the results to this day with the North Korean government thumbing their collective nose at the western world and generally acting like children while the North Korean people starve and suffer...

LBJ and Vietnam. General Westmoreland, an oft maligned General, argued strongly for an additional 200,000 troops and increased bombings of North Vietnam. Again, LBJ the politician did not follow the advise of his senior military advisers. Perhaps over fear of engaging the USSR and communist China in the fight? Who knows. What we do know is that FDR pushed his "Great Society" plan on to us, and left his generals with one arm and one leg tied behind their collective backs and unable to win a war that should have been over before it even started.

And now? Now we have Barrack Hussein Obama shoving this health care mess down our collective throat while he leaves our brave troops languishing in Afghanistan while the generals in charge of the theater ask for additional troops to win the war. No decision is certainly making a decision after all, isn't it? The President and the Mainstream Media are using the health care debate as a distraction to keep the American people's attention away from his lack of leadership in finishing the war.

At this point I'm all for finishing what we started. Nonetheless, if the President is going to ignore the best recommendations of his top generals then I no longer want to put our brave armed forces into harms way in that theater of conflict. Add to that the prosecution of SEAL Team members for giving a terrorist leader a fat lip and I say let's bring the troops home. We will need them here soon enough to fight the probable coming invasion and attacks on our homeland.

Clue in people. Remind these foolish politicians of our own recent history and tell them to let our forces finish the fight. I Have told my sons ever since they were old enough to go to school, "don't start fights, but if anyone starts one with you I want you to finish it. No questions asked." Bullies only understand force and the ultra violent visiting of said force in a rapid and overwhelming manner. No more talking. Either fight the damn fight or get the heck out.

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