Sunday, November 29, 2009

In 2008 I voted for Reagan...

My apologies if this note is not perfect in terms of grammar and spelling. I am firing it out as quickly as I can, and then hitting the gym (what I really want to do).

As an actual conservative, I could not hold my nose and vote for the ultimate RINO (Republican in name only) John McCain in our last presidential election. Mr. McCain, his ilk, and most of the current RNC (including Mr. Steele) may have an "R" after their names, and they can say they are conservative, and even tout a "few" conservative ideals, but they are not actual conservatives. Generally speaking, here are few items that these folks and their are OK with: ignoring the constitution, big government, increasing national debt, more entitlement programs, public/government education, negotiating for some form of government run healthcare (instead of absolutely refusing it), flexing to other governments and their laws vs. our own laws, no energy policy, multiple farm bills, global warming, and illegal immigrants. The list goes on, but I am confident that I have made my point.

Was John McCain "the lesser of two evils"? I believe he was. However, folks like Mr. McCain are on the same road as our current administration. The only difference is that the RINOs are traveling the same road at a slower pace.

As a conservative member of "we the people" I will no longer accept or support Democrat/Liberal lite candidates. By voting for these supposed conservatives, we are rewarding really bad behavior by the Republican party. On the other hand, we can make a huge positive impact on the Republican party, if actual conservatives and Independents (Tea Partiers) refuse to "waste" their votes on the McCains of the world, and force the RNC to allow real conservatives to run in 2010 and 2012, and beyond.

To my conservative brethren, please stop WASTING your votes on the short term and short sighted "lesser of two evils" candidates. Let us force the Republican party into providing us with real conservatives. Please remember the definition of insanity. Stop the insanity, stop compromising yourself, and do something different, bold, and in accord with your conservative ideals.

Remember, Reagan was not a Washington insider, nor was he beloved by the RNC. The rest is history...

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  1. For three weeks after the election, I had a my wallpaper and my screen saver on my computer pictures of The Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan. I told all who asked that I had determined that I would live in a fantasy world for the next few years and pretend that Reagan was my President. Anyone who reads this blog knows though, of course, I was forced back to reality by current events. Never the less, I agree with you, George. I will not waste my vote again.



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