Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Insert Head Into Rectum

Please, someone tell me why we have let this country be taken over by a bunch of mamby-pamby, kumbaya singing, panty-wastes, who obviously have their heads up their butts and who have no idea how, or what it takes, to keep this country free from terror attacks.

The latest outrage is of course bringing our Navy Seals up on assault charges for doing their duty, capturing one of the most wanted terrorist scum in all Iraq, who somehow ended up with a fat lip. Boo-Freakin’- Hoo!

When are we going to remove our heads from our posteriors and realize that by treating terrorists like they were common criminals by trying them in civilian courts, by threatening the CIA with prosecution for doing their job, by hindering the Special Forces, like the Seals, from searching and finding the people responsible for unspeakable acts carried out on our forces, for not allowing our interrogators to use enhanced techniques that have proven to garner life-saving intel, by being so damn politically correct that we allowed a terrorist to grow and develop his murderous ideology within the ranks of our own military, culminating in the massacre and maiming of over 40 people (and the list goes on), we are setting ourselves up to shoot right back in time to the mentality and posture we had on 9-10-01.

Can we be so blind as to have already forgotten the lessons of 9-11? My God, it has only been EIGHT years! Do we actually need some whacko to let off a suitcase-nuke in a major city, killing hundreds of thousands of people, before this country wises up and starts playing without the kid gloves? Imagine what would have happened if the government and the military during WWII had to play by the rules being imposed by the touchy-feely, kumbaya-crowd now in power. The answer to that question would be simple; YOU WOULD BE SPEAKING GERMAN TODAY! Wake the hell up and let’s remove our collective heads from our collective rectums, before it’s too late.


  1. Ben

    I feel your pain! And I'm not Bill Clinton either. But, there is a bright side to all this. The jig is up for this media-created president. Honeymoon is over. Obama is the best thing to happen to Conservatism since Jimmy Carter.

    Be encouraged and keep up the good fight.

  2. Sam,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I said from the beginning this guy was gonna be the black Jimmy Carter, and by doing so would end up being a one-term-wonder. In the process though, he will undoubtedly bankrupt the country and set black politics back 30 years, not allowing any future president of color, who might actually be good for this country, a chance in hell. Now following history, all we need is another Ronald Reagan to step forward...

  3. Well Put Ben! These nit wits make me so mad I want to scream! Great Rant! I'm with you 100%



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