Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Gloating please

I've seen some interesting gloating going on around and about on many conservative leaning blogs this morning. I'm glad I've not seen it here.

The GOP won some good victories last night with some pretty conservative candidates. I find it encouraging, but it is no time to to start trash talking. There is a long road we must travel to take back control of our country and bring it back from the edge of the socialist abyss. Now is the time to begin digging in for the battles / war still ahead of us.

Do not for a moment think that momentum has completely swung to the side of conservatism. Remember, it was just twelve short months ago that the liberals were singing of the death of conservatism in the USA (more accurately they should have been singing about the terrible health of the Republican party, as I believe Election Day 2008 signaled the re-birth of the American Constitution and conservatism, but I digress...) and now we see the Democrats / Liberals taking some tough body shots in the battle. The crafty left is not dead, they are merely wounded and nothing is quite as dangerous as a wounded animal.

Hold fast my conservative patriots, this is but a skirmish in what promises to be a major war for the heart and soul of the United States. Nobody likes a poor winner any more than they like a poor loser. Don't gloat, fix your resolve and keep moving forward with truth, right and ethics on your side. See you in the trenches!

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