Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spending Stimulus Money

The Atlanta main daily paper, the AJC, usually tends to lean toward the left on most thigns and some of the columnists are flat out Socialists at their core. So imagine my surprise when they actually broke a story about silly waste of Federal stimulus money to pay for street signs like the one pictured here.

I've seen these signs around Atlanta and reportedly the state of Georgia has erected around 220 of these at a rough cost of $1300 each, including the cost of installing them. Having spent pretty much every other week in Chicago over the last several months, I can tell you that I have seen these things all over the place. Usually there is little or no activity going on, but hey the signs are pretty.

Back to Georgia - These signs have been paid for out of Stimulus funds for a total cost of around $286,000.

If this is going on in every state in the Union I can only wonder how much money we have thrown away to tell people were we are spending money, on projects that are more likely than not "throw away street resurfacing."

If it was not so pathetic, it might actually amuse me...

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