Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Terror, Justice and Reality

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Maj. Hasan is almost certainly guilty of carrying out an act of terrorism at Ft. Hood, rather than just being a mass murderer. As more and more evidence comes to light, it will be interesting to see how the 'Lame Stream Media' and the party of appeasement, to include our ‘Appeaser in Chief,’ handles this information… and this reality. What will be even more interesting is what will happen if a finding of death were to be handed down by a military court martial, as Hassan is eligible for the death penalty under three different charges according to UCMJ, The Uniform Code of Military Justice, to wit, murder, sedition and aiding the enemy. However, what you may not know, dear readers, is that before anyone can be executed as a result of a sentence of death by court martial, the Commander in Chief, our dear leader, would have to sign off on it. I’m taking odds on the chances of that actually happening. Anyone want some of this action?


  1. He'll get life and we'll end up paying his room and board, along with what we paid for his medical school training. Talk about a waste of tax dollars.

  2. I am more disgusted by this than just about anything in the last 8 years. Our military leaders knew this guy was a bad seed. They knew he was a Muslim extremist, and knew he was unstable. He received poor fitness reports at his last posting because of his issues. He worshiped at the same mosque as the 9/11 hijackers and why didn't anybody do anything about? Because they were afraid to say anything about it as it is politically incorrect to call somebody out based upon religious extremism.

    My daughter came home from school yesterday and was talking about the issue with us over dinner, and she had the thought that I was anti-muslim and wrong in my position until I filled her in on the facts. I had to do the same thing a few years ago when she came home saying that the USA was bad / wrong for dropping the bombs on Japan. To which I know she got from the far left leaning teachers in her school. It was all my wife could do to keep me from laying waste to the administration of the middle school, but I digress.

    let me ask everyone this question; If, one of our soldiers was an extreme fundamental Christian and we knew he had writings about how he wanted to destroy other Christians who did not hold his same extreme beliefs, as well as all non Christians. And let's say he was in regular contact with somebody like David Koresh. And worshiped at the "Bomb Abortion Clinics Christian Church. Would the military have weeded that nutcase out?

    It is time that we call a spade a spade America. We are rotting from a cancer within our society. The name of that cancer is Liberalism and political correctness is but another symptom and our patriot brothers and sisters are dying because of it.

  3. Hey, say the word and I'll help lead the charge down to your friendly neighborhood middle school to give your daughter's teacher a "Tex-Mex Birthday Party."



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