Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Reminds Me of a Song

I am an interesting paradox of strong opinions and a tender heart.  I am feisty and strong but still regularly cry about 9/11.  I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart, mind, and soul - yet I can cuss like a sailor.  I am a good leader, but an equally good follower (if the person leading is deserving of my respect and I have granted them authority over me).  I am empathetic and can not watch reality shows because they make me uncomfortable and embarrassed.  Until I became a mother, I always had some poor soul I was trying to help get on their feet, get off drugs ect. In my family, I am the peace maker, the feather smoother, the flexible one that keeps everyone smiling and happy.  I say all of these things because those strong opinions.... well, I have obviously ruffled a few feathers.  Sorry?  Nope.

Nobody Loves Me by Derek Webb

Then i might nail indictments up
On every door in town
Because it’s not right or safe to let my conscience down
So i don’t care if...

Nobody loves me, nobody loves me
Nobody loves me but you

The truth is never sexy
So it’s not an easy sell
You can dress her like the culture
But she’ll shock ‘em just as well
Because she don’t need an apology for being who she is

And she don’t need your help making enemies
So i don’t care if...

Nobody loves me, nobody loves me
Nobody loves me but you

It's been real, guys.


  1. Whoa, nice post, but I was very surprised all together. Our minds, all of our minds, will give us peace. But, I could be wrong...

  2. I thought it went:

    Nobody loves me,
    everybody hates me, think I'll eat some worms.

    I'll chop off their heads and suck out the guts,
    and throw the skins away.



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