Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time to 'Man-Up' Mr. President.

Well Mr. President, you’ve been in office almost a year and I wanted to ask you one question about your concept of ‘Prostration Foreign Policy’: How’s that working out for ya? For all your posturing and bowing and scraping, to bring foreign nations back into the fold as American-Loving allies by showing your soft under-belly and how you can appease, apologize and accommodate, we are now in a situation where we are as vulnerable, or more so, as we were on 9-10-01.

Even you must now see that Iran, and Ahmadinejad, is thumbing their noses at your weak response to our national security concerns, both here and abroad, and hopefully you now understand that these types of regimes like Iran, North Korea, the Taliban and Al Qaeda, do not respect this kind of weak-kneed, lily-livered, namby-pamby response to their actions, but instead see it as a sign of weakness to be exploited.

For all your flowery speeches to the Muslim world you made, it must now come as a shock that Iran today decided to tell you to take a flying leap by announcing they were not only NOT going to stop production of enriched uranium, but build 10 new facilities to up their output. Does it finally sink in that rather arrogant and narcissistic brain of yours that the only thing these people understand and respect is a firm hand?

You should take heed of what the Israeli ambassador was quoted as saying today, that Israel’s response to the threat of Iran becoming a nuclear threat would almost certainly be a preemptive strike, “To take a line from your President, ‘Yes we can, yes we must and yes we will’.”

Lastly, Mr. President, if you really think trying these five terrorists in a civilian court in NYC will demonstrate how our system of jurisprudence is fair and that the radical Muslim world will just roll-over and have some kind of an epiphany and want to be our ‘bestest’ buddies, you are sadly deluding yourself again, and it will do absolutely nothing except show these people how weak you really are, setting this country up for more attacks like 9-11.

It’s time to ‘man-up’ and start acting like the President of the United States, rather than like some baby-kissing candidate, and stop kissing the collective asses of these thugs and start kicking them instead.


  1. Our President simply does not know how to man up. He grew up without a Father to mentor him and teach him how to be a man. He consistently turned towards poor role models to Father him along the way. This is truly a huge issue in our society, and it is prevalent in all segments as many Fathers are physically present, but mentally checked out and / or unable to Father successfully, as they do not know how and are afraid to ask.

    So we have a man leading our country, truly he should represent a Father figure for the Nation. Nonetheless, what we are getting is a "man-boy" who is still looking for confirmation that he is good enough, smart enough, strong enough to do the job.

    God help us all.

  2. Hi Ben Franklin! Thanks for following my blog, I'm SO GLAD I found yours, great stuff here! Well said. Unfortunately, obummer will never "man up"...all he knows is how to "weasel down". He is destroying America and Iran is laughing at him, as is EVERY country....esp. our enemies. Great post.

  3. Thanks Bunni. Love your blog and web page! Yeah, O'Blunder stands little chance of rising to the occasion. He'd have to be what we call, where I'm from, a 'stand up guy' and there's just two chances of that happening: slim and none at all.



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