Tuesday, November 24, 2009

War Tax? Sorry, I'm Not Buying It.

The newest ploy out of Washington is the so called war surcharge, or War Tax, which if implemented will supposedly pay for the troop surge, etc., and help fund the war. Very clever, these Left-Wing Liberal Loony Tunes, I have to admit it. I mean, how could any self respecting, red-blooded American patriot argue with a War Tax? Well, from one red-blooded, flag waving, ex-military, patriotic American, I say, DON’T YOU FALL FOR IT!

First, ask yourself one question: Do you trust the current administration to take your tax money and use it to support the war effort in a way that effectively fights terrorism, decimates our enemies, and brings victory to our troops in the field? I don’t either. That’s why I oppose any “War Tax.” But, if they get their way, everyone will be paying an extra 1% in income tax, and those earning over $200k, I believe, are slated to be hit with an increase of over 5%.

It would be one thing if Obama was actually planning to send the required amount of troops over seas to ensure victory, as per his commanders in the field, but his plan to send a paltry number, along with instructions on when and how we are to pull out, sounds to me like I’m not about to get my money’s worth.

I suggest we take the BILLIONS he already slated for a stimulus package that was supposed to create millions of shovel ready jobs, which has resulted in no shovels ready yet, let alone jobs, and which has been doled out to Congressional districts, which don’t exist, and to persons and organization, as pay-off money for votes on healthcare, cap and trade and the like, and send some of that money to the Pentagon to help stimulate some serious ass-kicking over in Iraq and Afghanistan. That would be money well spent.

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