Friday, December 18, 2009

"C'lie'mate Change"

The truth is that it has nothing to do with "saving the planet". It is all a red herring. Its all about instilling fear based on junk science to:

1. Raise/introduce taxes
2. Hinder the U.S. advancement as a world power
3. Basic anti-Americanism (because "its all our fault")
4. Gov't regulations to make it impossible for small business to thrive (and tax the hell out of big business).
5. And the inception of a new "religion" for libs to grow their ranks.

Because remember, none of this is based on real, indisputable fact, just like every liberal talking point. Even if there was one, science is not based on "consensus"; it either is or is not. It sickens me how they prey on people's good nature with the whole green movement, when the fact is they are just growing a base that will unwittingly back them when they try to pass such economically destructive legislation like Cap & Trade. It is a basic "war on prosperity" tactic. So now they can take more from the undeserving "haves" and spread it around to the "have nots". Only now it'll be legal, but all together unsustainable.

After quadrupling our national debt, why would any thinking person believe that the liberal lie of "climate change" has the best interest of the future of our children or planet in mind. One would not even need science to cast more then a shadow of a doubt on liberal claims of global warming, even though there is plenty. Common sense and a tiny bit of research works just fine.

1. We have only been keeping weather records for little over 100 years. So divide 105 or even 150 by 4.5 billion and you'll get a percentage of how long we have be keeping records to how long the earth has been around.
2. We have 5 times the number of man-eating polar bears in the arctic then there were in the year 2000. I love how they always show one bear swimming (alone) as if the ice has melted under its feet, and it had no choice but to negotiate the icy waters. Notice they never show said polar bear drowning.
3. How about that frequency of hurricanes? Florida hasn't had a "hurricane season" in 4 years.
4. If one needs more evidence on the common sense side of refuting claims of global warming, just look at the high priest himself, Al Gore.

This is a man whose Nashville home uses $1200 a month of electricity. Granted, he and Tipper need a 10,000 sq. ft. home that uses 15,600 kilowatt hours per year, but don't you think if you wanna talk the talk, you should walk the walk. Only until this fact came under scrutiny did he get his pointless solar panels. One would wonder where his priorities are. Are they with protecting the planet, or the fact that Al was worth around $2 million in 2000, as opposed to (thanks to his new religion) being worth around $20 million today? I guess the Academy award is just as meaningless as the Nobel Peace prize.

As far as the scientific part goes, the factual misalignment of CO2 gasses can be attributed largely to the junk science of the left leaning, green flavored, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Next time you are in a book store, read Mark Levins chapter on "Enviro-Statism" in his book Liberty & Tyranny, especially pgs. 132-139. He says it better then I ever could, and definitely lets those pesky facts get in the way while exposing how that group collects its data.

So, no my friend, we don't need to do anything on this matter except silence these proponents and this baseless, fabricated, distracting facet of the liberal ideology that seeks nothing more then to incrementally dismantle our "civil society" through taxes, regulations, guilt, and control.

Written by Locke Roberts - posted by Dolley as a favor...


  1. Great Post!! Global warming is junk science. They have cut all the dissenters on the issue totally out of the debate. There wasn't much of a debate, if at all. Global warming is all a hoax. And, now these enviro whackos want to tax us in order to spread the wealth. How despicable. I make you a bet that these nutjobs haven't worked an honest day in their lives.

  2. Seems like we are on the same page today railing against these green fear monger's. We should take care of the environment because nobody wants to see the American Indian from the 1970's commercials cry. And, because it is the right thing to do. Not because of these scary folks forcing policy down our collective throats so that they can make a profit. Greed makes the world go around folks. Follow the money and see who is driving the agenda.



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