Monday, December 21, 2009

Climate change? Follow the Money...

Let me first say this; we should all recycle, we should all choose paper instead of plastic at the store, or take our own shopping bags, we should all reduce wasteful uses of water, we should all pick up liter when we see it on the street, we should all reduce pumping toxic chemicals into our environment.

Why? Because polluting our environment in the manner in which we do is akin to peeing in your bathtub and sitting in it. It's disgusting. For those of you that have never driven into Atlanta on a warm Summer day, let me tell you that there is a disgusting brown haze that sits over the city, and it truly makes for miserable days of breathing. Asthma cases are on a steep increase and we need to continue to search for cleaner ways to fuel our economic engine in the USA and around the world. Because, it is right to take care of God's creation and it is stupid to sit in a foul bathtub.

Now, let me say something about the global warming movement. Some evidence suggests that the world has actually cooled in the last 8 years. The whole "Climate Gate" scandal suggests that global warming supporting scientists have destroyed or at least suppressed evidence that contradicts what the global warming movement wants us to believe. Some scientists have gone on record as saying that our warming and cooling is pretty much controlled by the sun and sunspot activity. This is all interesting and the debate goes on.

What is most interesting is who is driving the Global Warming agenda and why?

The answer my friends can be defined by one word - Greed. And how do you discern the puppets from the puppet masters? You follow the money.

On the surface, one would think that Al Gore has perhaps profited most from his out front pitch man position in the movement. His fortune and net worth have grown exponentially since he left office. And his recent telling of half truths and pure fabrications in Denmark certainly marks him as a willing participant in all of this. He has in fact profited from the hiding of dissent and suppressing of evidence in contrast to his "Inconvenient Truth." The inconvenient truth for Mr. Gore is that he launched a company in 2004 called "Generation Investment Management." What does that company do? It runs mutual funds that invest in companies poised to profit by global government climate legislation. They are reportedly a large holder in a company called Hara Software. Hara Software produces products that will essentially enable companies to comply with and take advantage of climate legislation such as the Cap and Trade (Tax) legislation being considered in Washington. Great stuff by the way, you can pollute as much as you want, as long as you pay to do so. What incentive does that give a company to produce environmental positive new technologies? NONE! But, I digress.

Al Gore is profiting greatly from companies that are producing goods and services in response to the fear mongering speeches and books Mr. Gore is pushing on the global agenda. Seems kind of like letting Osama Bin Laden help establish new TSA airport security policies. Talk about letting the fox guard the hen house, Indeed!

Even Jesse Venture, an old friend of Mr. Gore's, recently had his eyes opened to all of this on Jesse's new TV show on the TRU TV network.

Even more scary than Al Gore, who is in reality still a bit of a puppet in all of this, is a guy named Maurice Strong. Do some research on this guy. He rose from a low level at the UN back in the 50's to be one of the UN's main environmental policy guys. All the while, this guy was dealing in the oil and energy business in Canada and eventually became by many reports a billionaire many times over. He is the self proclaimed "Worlds Leading Environmentalist," but he is no longer directly associated with the UN as in 2005 he reportedly cashed a check made out to him for over $988, 000 and directly related to the Oil for Food scandal. Since the scandal broke Mr. Strong has lived in a high security building in Beijing, China. Beijing - one of the most polluted cities in the world. This guy is likely one of the main puppet masters in all of this.

Clean up and take care of our environment, stop peeing in our bathtub, but do not tell me that this is a legitimate movement when it is being driven by a handful of greedy corrupt hypocrites driving a global agenda that will do the greatest harm to the least amongst us.

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  1. I agree. We are one of the few nations that are able to create enough wealth to clean up our own messes. It isn't question of stewardship. It is, as you suggest, greed. I have seen two figures that are compelling to me.

    Exxon-Mobile profits-45 billion dollars
    Money spent by UN on "Climate Change"- 94 billion

    That doesn't count individual nations, states, and so on.

    Following the money leads to interesting places, does it not?

    Thanks for mentioning Mr. Strong. I've quoted him several times at my blog. Scary individual.



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