Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Great Appeaser

Obama’s speech last night was simply pathetic. If there ever was an antithesis to a “War Time President,” he is it. This speech was an aspiration at best, rather than an inspiration. A Winston Churchill he was not; for that matter, he wasn’t even a Jimmy Carter. Could you possibly imagine this guy being in charge during a real military crisis? I actually shudder at the possibility, which grows more possible everyday.

What Obama tried to do in his speech, is what he has always done; he tried to be the appeaser. He tried to appease the right by sending some troops, but not enough, and he tried to appease the left by talking about an exit strategy, which set us up for failure. No one wins in this situation, least of all our soldiers and the American people, who will be at risk when our enemies gain strength from our blunder.

I didn’t hear ANY details on how he was going to accomplish goal one in Afghanistan, but I did hear when we were leaving. So did the Taliban and Al Qaeda… very clearly. He needs to stick to community organizing and leave military strategy to the experts. All that he will accomplish is solidifying our enemy’s plans; they simply will hunker down and wait until we leave, now that they have a timetable. Obama wouldn’t do very well on that game show, as even a fifth grader could figure this out.

The very saddest thing in all this is that more of our soldiers will die in Afghanistan, as in war, this is inevitable. But now, because we have no clear plans to win there, they will simply die in vain.


  1. I think the most interesting and telling aspect of the night was how the Cadets had to be coached on how to respond to the President. Funny thing, they were polite, but not responsive until such time as Obama talked about our troops currently serving.

    Back in 93 I had the privilege of being invited to my Alma Mater to listen to the Great Ronald Reagan deliver the commencement address to the Corps of Cadets at The Citadel. I can not describe to you the overwhelming respect, love and esteem that radiated from the Corps to President Reagan. There was no coaching from the Commandant. It was an amazing thing to be involved with. I can only give my deepest sympathy to West Point Corps of Cadets that this is the man they have to call their Commander in Chief.

  2. Yeah, I like when they cut to the one Cadet who was sleeping. How do you expect these cadets to respond to a Commnader in Chief who, in a speech about winning in a war, didn't use the word 'victory' once. Patton he is not.



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