Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Huckaby in 2012?

As usual, hindsight is 20/20. Nonetheless, Mike Huckaby seemed to have taken a page out of the "Mike Dukakis - Willie Horton" handbook by commuting the sentence of violent repeat offender Maurice Clemmons while HUckaby was Governor of Arkansas back in 2000. This is the second time one of these moves has bitten Mr. Huckaby. During the 2007-2008 Presidential campaign, he was taken to task over his 1999 grant of clemency to convicted rapist Wayne Dumond, who went on to rape again after his release.

I'm all for reforming criminals. But rapists, pedophiles and career repeat violent offenders do not seem to oft be capable of being reformed. It is simple really, repeat violent offenders should be locked away somewhere for the duration. A conservative must be tough on crime. You may have just heard the death knell of the 2012 Huckaby campaign before it ever got started

Patrick, this is Ben, check out his interview at FOX:


  1. Good that he is standing up and taking responsibility, but I still hear some quibbling in there from the guy. The LIbs will use this to tear him apart and the lemmings in our society will follow the Libs over the cliff...

  2. I'm glad he is standing up to the questions. Nonetheless, I hear a little quibbling in there too. The Judges in Washington State messed it up too, but this animal should have never again seen the light of day out of Arkansas. Regardless of mitigating circumstances, the Left will skewer Huckaby with this and the Wayne Dumond situation...



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