Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh The Irony!

While watching the arrival of President Obama this morning in Copenhagen, for the Global Warming Summit, something struck me as kind of odd. It looked awfully cold, windy and snowy. I checked the weather in Copenhagen and it seems they are having a bit of a snowstorm that has caused some traffic jams and delays and such. Wow, the irony of it all, huh? Maybe they should have held the summit in the summer time. Better marketing, don't you know.

Video courtesy of the Associated Press


  1. Gee, that is kind of ironic holding a global warming summit during a snowstorm. There is no man-made global warming. I am so glad that China is refusing to go along with this treaty.

  2. I wrote the same thing yesterday on Abigail and Dolley - great minds think alike.



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