Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Terrorism Can't Happen In My Backyard, Right?

Can't Happen In The United States Anymore Because The War on Terror Has Been Won

At least that was the opinion of 61% of Americans who were polled just a couple of weeks before the botched Christmas attack on a Northwest Airlines flight into Detroit. Short memories, or out of sight out of mind is the American rule of thumb for crisis management. At least that is what the bad guys count on.

September 11 occurred a very short time ago, particularly in the timeframe utilized by our patient enemy. While we view a year or two of no incidents as "proof" that the war on terror has been won, this is merely hibernation by an enemy for whom time has no meaning.

Reading the papers or watching the news from around the world and seeing the bombings or planned bombings that were fortunately thwarted, the average American views it as if it was all happening in another galaxy. As if by some divine right we will be immune to the irrational hatred that the jihadist holds for anyone who does not share their beliefs or way of life.

Unfortunately the outlet for this hatred is the senseless killing and mutilation of innocent men, women and children whose only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, anywhere in the world.

It's Not Just Afghanistan We Need To Worry About

While Afghanistan and countries in the Gulf have been the source for much of the army of terrorists, there are unfortunately other sources as well. There are countries like Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen that open up new fronts in the war on terror. Poor countries that are prime incubators for the young men who are radicalized by their religious leaders and taught the ways of jihad. The internet is another conduit through which those out of physical range can still be indoctrinated. Then we have what may pose one of the greatest threats of all, the homegrown terrorists from the United States and Britain who are radicalized within their own countries, perhaps trained somewhere else, but who face none of the border restrictions that one from some of the afore mentioned countries might face when trying to re-enter their countries.

The Actual Greatest Threat

Perhaps though, what was mentioned before may not be the greatest threat of all, at least here in the United States. We have a two-headed threat, neither of which is a direct creator of violence. But both very dangerous.

First, is the perceived, though in reality real, weakness that is portrayed by Barack Obama. Countries and groups feel as if they can act with impunity, because all indications to this point seem to say that they are right. George Bush was not liked around the world, and not liked by many at home because he was viewed as somewhat of a loose cannon. In other words, the potential for his threats being carried out were real and feared. He spoke what was on his mind, and that included a strong United States, and a safe United States. He did the job key to a President. Protection of our country and our people.

George Bush was certainly not the best orator, but for some reason he was able to make his point crystal clear. Screw with the United States, and you will pay. Barack Obama on the other hand, is a fantastic speaker. The problem is that no one can be certain what it is that he is actually saying, or what his intentions are. He is not a strong leader, and the world knows this all too well from situations like his procrastination for weeks and weeks on a troops decision in Afghanistan.

The second threat comes from inside the United States, and it comes from some individual citizens, some legislators as well as from groups like the ACLU. The entire populace needs to gain the mentality that it is us against them, and that the them does not play by any rules.

President Obama, in one of his speeches, said that if we fight on the level of the enemy, then we are no better than the enemy. The actual point is that if we fight along the lines of the Geneva Convention, while our enemy follows no rules, we will be destined to lose! The aversion to things like racial profiling, body scanning at the airports, wire taps or any surveillance techniques that may push the envelope needs to be replaced by the understanding that this is for our survival against an enemy that will not quit until they reach their goal. Our destruction.
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  1. Sounds like some people are looking for an excuse to start a war in Yemen and Nigeria and elswhere, by stirring up the public.



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