Thursday, January 28, 2010

Arrogance and Hypocrisy

I hate it when I’m always right. I called this in a recent post. Watching last night’s State of the Union address, our dear leader did exactly as I predicted he would. He never took the great opportunity he had, as Clinton did in his 1995 address, to make a change, pivot to the center, and focus on the issues the majority of the folks are concerned about, no…not Obama. He is way too much of an ideologue for that.

Instead, he doubled down on the issues the voters in Massachusetts rejected, and went forward from there. In his arrogant and highly hypocritical 70 minute speech he managed to lecture and blame everyone who he believed was at fault for his miserable failure of the past year, except of course himself. He insulted the Supreme Court with factually incorrect statements and impugned the concept of Separation of Powers, he scolded the Republicans for saying no to his ideas, which have turned out to be widely unpopular with the majority of the folks, he proudly boasted of his openness and transparency, while having held closed door meetings and reneging on promises to broadcast proceedings on C-SPAN, and he continually made reference to “Washington” not as a location, but as a pejorative term, like he did when on the campaign trail, trying to still act like he is a Washington outsider, not responsible for the goings on in our Capital, when HE is the President, and when HIS party has held a SUPER majority in Congress for over a year. Folks, what he has conveniently forgotten is, HE IS WASHINGTON!

He made it quite clear that he has NO intention of serving the people, as he intends to go forward with his boon-doggle health care bill, which has virtually no chance of passing Congress without more back room deals and political shenanigans, he plans on continuing to pursue “Cap & Trade” which will bankrupt the country even more than his proposed health care bill, and he even has plans to move forward on all the climate change crappola, which went no where in Copenhagen. Can you say, “Beat a dead horse?”

I guess it comes down to the fact that this administration believes it does not have to listen or answer to the folks in what they want or need, believing they know best, and that their ideas involving social engineering are tantamount to the personification of perfection and will be enacted no matter the cost or the consequences. Welcome to the Socialist States of America. Time to send a clear message in November…and again in 2012.


  1. Love your writing style. Obama's arrogance is so pervasive its sickening. Cannot wait for the midterm elections and 2012 to sweep this trash out the door.

  2. Thanks Hack, but you're no slouch yourself!



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