Friday, January 15, 2010

The Buck Doesn't Stop Here

It had to happen. It’s right out of the liberal’s standard playbook, when it comes to taking responsibility for blunders, especially if it even remotely concerns the military: Find a scapegoat in the lower ranks and blame them. We watched it happen with the three Navy Seals being Court-Martialed, and now we’re about to see some low-level Army officers take the blame for the Ft. Hood shooting spree. I wonder what ever happened to the concept that good old Harry Truman espoused, “The Buck Stops Here.” Don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for our current Commander-in-Chief to do the same. You would turn a lovely shade of blue before that would happen.

The Pentagon's review of the deadly Fort Hood shooting reveals serious "shortcomings" in the military's ability to stop foreign extremists from trying to use its own soldiers against the United States, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said today. He was quoted as saying, "It ... reveals shortcomings in the way the department is prepared to defend against threats posed by external influences operating on members of our military community," he said. "We have not done enough to adapt to the evolving domestic internal security threat to American troops and military facilities."

I like how he used the word “We.” Of course, when it comes to punishing anyone, it will change to “them.” Maybe “we” should start placing blame where it belongs - at the top. The current administration in power is to blame for the undertones of inconsistency and confusion within our military and intelligence communities. These agencies have been sent mixed messages about what to do or not to do about potential terrorist threats or situations involving radical Muslims.

We stop little old ladies and search them at the airports, but we’re afraid to profile Middle Eastern Muslim men for fear of appearing biased, which of course we should be, as the “bias” is credible. (I can’t remember the last airplane blown up by someone’s grandmother, can you?)

We threaten our intelligence operatives with criminal charges for extracting information through legal means - which probably already has saved thousands of lives - because we are squeamish and appalled that we didn’t molly-coddle self-admitted terrorists. We try foreign, self-confessed, enemy-combatant, mass murderers in civilian court, granting them the same rights that our citizens get, allowing them to “lawyer up” where they can’t be questioned, rather than questioning them first and finding out how many more Americans are scheduled to be slaughtered, and then trying them in a military court where they belong.

Do you really expect low-level Army officers to figure out how they are supposed to react during all this contradictory nonsense being disseminated, where there are no such things as terrorists, or terrorism, but rather “man-made disasters?” Do you really think they will stick their necks out to profile a possible terrorists within their midst when the government doesn’t even do it at our airports?

Of course, now that we’ve had an incident - which this administration refused at first to even classify as a terrorist act - we’re going to punish some low-level officers for failing to recognize that this malcontent Hasan, had the potential to be come a mass-murdering terrorist, in order to pass the blame down the line rather than let it rise to the top where the responsibility truly lies. This is why Obama will never have the respect of the military, for which he holds in disdain. A true Commander-in-Chief would have taken responsibility for his actions, rather than let subordinates suffer the consequences. For Obama, the buck doesn’t stop at his desk… it’s not even in the same building. You’ll find it outside of Washington, D.C. city limits, floating around this great nation of ours. It will soon come to rest at the feet of the voters in November, and then again four years later.

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  1. Some great points. The stupid rules of engagement are creating a world of hurt. Also Obama's failure to take responsibility for anything is getting really old. Yesterday they blamed out of date computers for their ineffectiveness.



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