Sunday, January 24, 2010

Courting Disaster

Last year, when it was revealed that the Obama administration decided to declassify our enhanced interrogation techniques - which the CIA used to get information from captured terrorists - Obama and his pals, along with the “Lame Stream Media,” not only hurt this country by publicizing this info, but also reported the use of the interrogation techniques wrongly, and refused to publically disclose how these techniques saved lives.

Now, a year later, Marc A. Thiessen - President Bush’s head speech writer -who had full access to all the top level information concerning enhanced interrogation by the CIA, has written a book, “Courting Disaster,” detailing the facts surrounding the true story involving the how and the why, and which techniques were really used, and on whom, but more importantly, specific information on how this info thwarted planned 9-11 style attacks, and how these techniques were responsible for the capture of some of the most dangerous terrorists out there.

Thiessen, prefaces his book with an editorial remark that says that you shouldn’t be reading this book, as it shouldn’t have been written in the first place because Obama should never have declassified this info. But, now that it has, Thiessen felt that it was time to set the record straight. Please watch the video below and I would strongly suggest you also get a copy of the book, if you want to see how vulnerable to attack we now are because of the Obama administration trying to make points by trying to appease our enemies.


  1. Casting aside a system that works for something that is obviously less effective in saving American lifes is not only foolish, but unAmerican and even treasonous in wartime, or at anytime. Great revealing post.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself Ron.



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