Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Green Sheep

My neighbor just ordered an electric car. He paid a premium price for this one-passenger Tonka Toy to boot, about 30k. He’s been strutting around because he thinks he will now have a smaller carbon foot print. My neighbor is an idiot. He has succumbed to the left’s propaganda machine that a lot of Americans have fallen victim to. They are even brainwashing school children with this crap. Ask any kid in elementary school should we be driving electric cars and they will probably tell you yes, because it saves the polar bears and the planet.

I asked my neighbor if I had a larger carbon footprint than he would because my car runs on gas. He said of course. I asked him where he will get his electricity from to run his car. He told me his house. I said no, what company. He named the region’s electric company that most everyone uses. I told him to look up, via this nifty little utility from the EPA, how and where the company gets its energy. As with most electric companies nationwide, more than half of their energy comes from burning coal. OMG! Coal! His new carbon foot print went from what he thought was going to be baby shoes, to a size 15.

What a bunch of dim-witted sheep these liberal kooks are. Anything that feels good, is logical to them, or is what makes sense. You’ll never guess what his response was to finding out his newly ordered electric car will essently be running on coal. He said it was OK, because he could purchase carbon credits, once they pass Cap& Trade, that will offset what his car generates. At that point I seriously contemplated pulling out my .45 and putting him out of his misery. I resisted, because with all the hot air and CO2 this guy was spouting, planting him in the ground would have increased MY carbon foot print.

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