Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hugo Chavez: Insert Foot Into Mouth

Hugo Chavez is an idiot. If anyone ever doubted that, all you have to do is listen to his latest comments on our recent attempts to bring aid to Haiti. Speaking on his weekly television show, Chavez opined that the U.S. mission in Haiti was a ruse to initiate military occupation saying, “I read that 3,000 soldiers are arriving, Marines armed as if they were going to war,” Chavez said. “They are occupying Haiti undercover.”

Forgetting the fact that all Hugo Chavez sent to aid Haiti was one stinking airplane with some supplies, let’s look at the absurdity of his remarks. First, ANYTHING this guy normally would do entails him using HIS military, pathetic though it may be. He’s nationalized almost everything in his country - like the true dictator he is - all at the point of a gun. This is the main reason he believes we’re occupying Haiti because, like Pavlov’s dog, he sees soldiers and at once thinks in terms of an occupation, and is probably feeling pangs of jealousy that he hasn’t the wherewithal to pull it off himself.

We, of course, know that the most effective means of getting aid to the Haitian people, or even our own in a similar emergency, would be to use the U.S Military, which has about the best logistical support system in the world. In addition, if you are anticipating the environment being potentially hostile, because normal infrastructure has broken down, where there might be looting, etc., then you also need the combination of logistics and a security force, to ensure the distribution of the aid in question. That equals the military. Anyone who differs on this point, name one other group who could do it as well.

In this country, in similar situations - as with Hurricane Katrina - we of course use the National Guard to provide the same aid that is being rendered in Haiti. Following “Ugo’s” rationale, we must have been contemplating the permanent federal occupation of New Orleans also.

Second, if we wanted to occupy Haiti we don’t need to conquer it by force, using the military. I’m sure if this country wanted to make Haiti the 51st State, or even just a province, all we would have to do was drop leaflets to the public in Haiti with the proposition, and they would overthrow their own government and be waiting for us on the beaches with open arms.

Chavez’s attempt to cast the U.S. in a less than favorable light is pretty transparent. He doesn’t like us. Hey “Ugo,” we get that. But, making sad attempts to disparage us, while we are rendering aid to a earthquake ravaged country, to the tune of what will ultimately be a BILLION dollars - which is probably more than all the other pittances from all the other countries combined – will be seen for what it is; pure crappola. So, Chavez, either put up as much aid and do it with out using your military, or shut the hell up!


  1. Hugo Chavez is an egotistical fool who likes to hear himself talk. Reminds me of the fool when have in the oval office---difference being our fool has to read from his TOTUS while Hugo can speak off the cuff.

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    Elect Scott Brown--Victory is in sight!!

  2. Left you a long comment, don't know if it took. Added you to my links at TOTUS. I have a cartoon blog, check it out and if you wish to be added there, just leave a comment to that effect. Nice looking site.

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  4. How have the actions of Hugo Chavez effected the investment environment within Latin America?




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