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Martin Luther King Day Special

Taken from Hack Wilson's Blog:

What a great holiday! It's just one of those obsolete holidays that you really didn't care about as a kid, except for the fact you got out of school.

I'd like to take a little time here and explore who the real Martin Luther King Jr. was.

First off, the man's real name is Micheal King. His father, who happened to be a preacher, announced to his congregation in 1935 that he was going to rename his son Martin Luther in honor of the protestant reformer, but the name change was never legalized in court.

Now let's take a look at some of King's closest advisors. First we have Bayard Rustin, King's secretary and advisor from 1956 to 1960. Aside from the fact he did prison time for both draft evasion and performing homosexual acts in public, Rustin was also a self admitted Communist, a member of the Communist Party of the USA, even attending the National Convention of the Communist Party in 1957. Some "advisor" don't you think?

It was Rustin who introduced Micheal King to another Communist, who some to this day consider a Soviet spy, Stanley Levison. Levison was a Jewish businessman and a leader of the Communist Party of the USA in the 1950's. It was King's relationship with Levison that eventually led the US government to wiretap King's offices and hotel rooms.

Levison was so involved in Communist activities, that the FBI hired two Jewish spies to infiltrate the Communist party and report on Levison. One of the spies, Morris Childs, eventually wrote...

His closest advisor Stanley Levison was a Communist, as was his assistant Jack O’Dell. Robert and later John F. Kennedy repeatedly warned him to stop associating himself with such subversives, but he never did. He frequently spoke before Communist front groups such as the National Lawyers Guild and Lawyers for Democratic Action. King even attended seminars at The Highlander Folk School, another Communist front, which taught Communist tactics, which he later employed.

King is seen in the picture above at the school. The photo was taken in 1957 at the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee, which was founded by self admitted socialist Myles Horton. Also seen in the picture are Aubrey Williams and Abner Berry, both members of the Communist Party.

A former Communist, Julia Brown, later said this about King...

We were told to promote King, to unite Negroes and Whites behind him, and to turn him into a sort of national hero . We were to look to King as the leader in this struggle, the Communists said, because he was on our side. While in the party I learned that King attended a communist training school, that several of his aides were communists and that he received funds from Communists and took directions from them. He was one of their biggest heroes.

Had enough? I'm not done yet! There's much more to cover about this so called "reverend"!

From the website

According to King's biographer and sympathizer David J. Garrow, "King privately described himself as a Marxist." In his 1981 book, "The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr.", Garrow quotes King as saying in SCLC staff meetings, "...we have moved into a new era, which must be an era of revolution.... The whole structure of American life must be changed.... We are engaged in the class struggle."

This gets better and better. Communist ties? Marxist ideology? Charismatic speaker? Sound like someone else we know!
In addition to being a Marxist and being run by Communist infiltrators, Micheal King also plagiarized countless "sermons". Also at you can find a list of works King plagiarized. Here are just a few:

* According to King's best friend at the time, King's very first sermon given in 1947 was plagiarized from Harry Emerson Fosdick's writing entitled "Life is What You Make It".

* "Stride Toward Freedom", King's first book, was plagiarized from numerous sources, none credited.

* One of King's theses, "Contemporary Continental Theology", was largely stolen from a book by Walter Marshall Horton.

* King's very own dissertation reportedly contained only 49% of of sentences that contained 5 or more of Kings own original words.

The list goes on and on. You get the picture.

Finally, I'd like to point out that King was a womanizer, and an adulterer. The very day King was shot, he was cheating on his wife with another woman. Way to go "Reverend".

I'd like to sum this post up by saying that Martin Luther King Jr., aka Micheal King, was a traitorous, cheating, Marxist sack of trash. The fact our country idolizes him to this day is an absolute disgrace.

Martin Luther King will never have my respect. He shouldn't have anyone's. He led a life of blatant deception in every way. But once again, people do not see behind the fuzzy facade of lies when someone is a good orator.

But hey if Google is celebrating this man, why don't we all!

Like I've said, the idolization of Martin Luther King Jr. is just another apologetic effort by the white man to make up for the past. Like I posted a few weeks ago, there are more schools, roads, buildings, and institutions named after this so called "American hero" than any of the founding fathers. Like a reader commented, it's too bad that if you're on MLK street anywhere in America, it's probably on the wrong side of town.

We live in a racially diverse nation and a culturally diverse nation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when people ignore the facts and propagate sickening double standards when it comes to race, then I have a problem.

Just take a look at this story I found. "Cowboys of Color". How cute!

I say once again, King was a cheating, womanizing piece of steaming dog crap. If you read this, pass it along to someone else, until all of America realizes who the real Martin Luther King Jr. was!


  1. I appreciate the repost! You have now been blogrolled. Great content. I'll def be back in the future.


  2. I just love it when true Patriots get to know one another.

    Long Live the Republic.



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