Friday, January 22, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

So now the President is worried about jobs. Gee, go figure. Why wasn’t he worried about jobs for the past year? Could it be that he just didn’t understand there was a problem with unemployment in the country? I mean, the only LOGICAL reason he would now be focusing on job creation - as a result of the overwhelming defeat in Massachusetts - is that for some reason he just didn’t know we were in a job crunch, right? Because, if he KNEW and he did nothing about it, up till now, wouldn’t that logically mean he thought other things were more IMPORTANT than job creation? I mean logically, either he didn’t focus on jobs before because he had no clue... or he didn’t care. Is there another LOGICAL reason I could be missing?

And now, we're supposed to trust this guy to focus on creating jobs, and actually do something about it, right? The same guy who hasn’t been able to accomplish even the things he actually focused on before, which were his pet projects, and which he made a mess of. This is the guy who’s going to solve the problem of creating jobs, a task he seems to not enjoy doing, in that he was forced into doing it as a result of a failed election, and one he will be trying to do at the same time he tries to resurrect his other pet projects, which he says he will still not give up on. Am I understanding all this correctly?

Tell me something, if you had a business that was in dire straits, and you hired someone who promised to improve the economic soundness of your business and improve your bottom line, and in the first year he completely dropped the ball and focused on everything else except growing your business - in fact he spent money you didn’t have and focused on projects that drove business away from yours, and after a year, any customers you had left revolted and took their business elsewhere, and then all of a sudden this guy says, “Oh! Gee! It was the bottom line you wanted me to focus on and fix? Oh, OK, no problem, I’ll get right on it, but I need to also finish those other projects I started too!” What the hell would you do?

Come on folks, this isn’t rocket science. Anyone who really thinks Obama and his boys are actually capable of fixing what is wrong with this country, and solving our problems, doesn’t yet understand that he and his boys ARE the problem. Everyone is thinking Obama is going to pivot like Clinton did, when he found himself in the same situation after the 1994 Republican victory in Congress, and move more toward the center and start involving the opposition in the decision making process and actually get something done.

Don’t hold your breath. He will simply smile that big toothy grin of his and only pay lip service to doing what the people want, but will continue the same old razzle-dazzle and misdirection, making it look like he is trying to compromise and focusing on what needs to be done. But, it will all be smoke and mirrors my friends, just like a magician doing his magic show. Obama and his crew are dyed-in-the-wool ideologues who are committed to changing this country into what they believe it should be, which, as evidenced by the vote in Massachusetts, is in direct opposition to what the people want, but more importantly, what we really need.

I’ve said it from the beginning: Just like a master illusionist, don’t be folled by the misdirection; watch what he does with his hands instead - translation - don't listen to what he says, watch what he does.

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  1. You've got it completely right--he will never, never move to the center. He will give lip service to moderation and all the while be pushing his radical ideas below the radar(at least he hopes below the radar). He just will not realize that Americans are not buying what he is selling!



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