Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We The People

I’m elated that Scott Brown won the Senate seat last night, I really am. However, now I’d just like to say one thing to him and the rest of the Republicans in Congress… DON’T BLOW IT!

We have sent a message to Washington with this win that the PEOPLE are tired of the current administration trying to govern by leaving the American PEOPLE out of the loop.

We also hope that this will be just the tip of the iceberg or the wind before the storm, and that in November, if anyone in Washington is hard of hearing, the wake up call will be loud and clear. This too goes for ANY incumbent, Democrat OR Republican, who continues to legislate with no regard for the PEOPLE.

If a shift in power in Congress happens in November, and the Republicans take control of both houses - or at least one of them - they need to immediately reassess what, and how it is they do things, in order to keep their jobs after the next voting cycle. They need to put in writing, exactly what they plan on doing and exactly how they intend to implement it, much like was done previously with the 1994 Contract with America, but this time, instead of using it as a means to gain power and then abandoning it, they need to be held accountable if they are in breech of contract. In addition, they need to stay vigilant and resist becoming complacent because, if they somehow survive the cut in 2010 and then renege on their promises, I can assure you they won’t be around after 2012.

I listened to Scott Brown’s victory speech last night and was heartened by it. However, we all know that anyone arriving in Washington with good intentions can be easily and quickly corrupted. I hope he is the first of a long line of future politicians who are going to Washington to do the PEOPLE’S works, with no intention of becoming rooted there for decades, all the while feeding at the trough of special interests and lobbyists. It was clearly evident that Martha Coakley was planning on being that kind of politician, as evidenced by her trip to Washington recently, where she met with lobbyists to forge their relationship.

I sincerely hope Scott Brown, and future citizen-politicians cut from the same bolt of cloth, are able to resist the traps that Washington has in store for them, starting with being courted by Obama and the Democratic leadership, which already have him in their sights. I hope that this is the start of a new wind blowing through this land, and Washington, which clears out the old business as usual, back-room dealing, influence pedaling, politicians who care not for the will of the PEOPLE, but rather for their own progressive, social engineering, tax and spend, big government ideology that has put us on the brink of bankruptcy and social decline.

We the PEOPLE will be watching…


  1. Ben,

    Spot-on, brother. I'm so digging what you said.

    My fear, if I may, is that this will simply turn into the GOP crowing about and using this victory as their personal "Screw You!" to the Democrats, plunging this victory into business-as-usual territorial pissings between two parties that, in my opinion, have a stranglehold on America.

    We need to see The Big Picture, which, as you mentioned, is that America is tired of being governed without having any say in how this is done. "Hello? Congress? Yeah, this is Donald Bor- (click!)- oh. They hung up on me."

    Scott Brown is not where my real excitement lies. I mean, good for him, for sure! He has been given, by consent, the Sacred Seat of Kennedy. Color me shocked! But like I said in my blog, it is not Scott Brown I am excited is the message that was sent last night wherein you will find my joy.

    Hey, I love your stuff! If you ever want to become a Contributor of Fire, let me know. Your words and skills would be very welcomed at Conservative Firestorm.

    Long Live the Republic.

  2. Don, thanks. I agree, it's the message that is being sent to Washington that's important, not any one man.

    I'd love to post at Firestorm. Send me an invite. I'll do the same with you here.

  3. This is great news! I am praying they won't blow it either, our work has just begun.

  4. The winds of change are blowing. Its not the single vote that Scott Brown will bring to Washington thats important but the voice of the voters that will be heard by every member of congress up for re-election this fall. This is a political earthquake of epic proportaions and the resulting faults could easily split the democratic party. The lock-step march to the tune of Obama will be a thing of the past among those democrats in the House and Senate.

  5. Amen to that people, amen to that.



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