Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Whole Ball Game

Three strikes and you’re out. That’s the latest tally I'd give to the Obama administration for it’s handling of the recent terror attack on Christmas Day. Strike one was of course when it took Mr. Obama THREE days to respond to the incident. (Well, in his defense, it is awfully nice in Hawaii, and they do have some mean golf courses down there.) Of course the first thing his staff did was point out that George Bush took longer before he spoke about the “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid. Of course, by that time there was no doubt Bush was waging a war on terror and everyone was certain of his intentions. In fact, it defined his Presidency. Obama, on the other hand, should have used this as a reason to do the same thing… however, we’re coming to understand he isn’t that savvy.

It would have been nice if he actually used the time to get his facts straight about what he eventually said when he addressed the nation. That would have at least been a reasonable excuse for the delay. Here, of course, is where strike number two rears its ugly head. Saying that this was an "isolated incident" and that this guy hadn’t acted in concert with anyone else was an obvious blunder as we now well know, it being clearly evident his ties to Al Qaeda, Yemen, past terrorists released from Gitmo and the radical Muslim cleric who also has ties to Maj. Hasan, who carried out the terror attack at Ft. Hood.

And now for strike three. Even though the Obama administration now realizes this terrorist isn’t just some mentally unbalanced lone-nut with a bomb, but rather a foot soldier in the army of fanatics who have declared war on the American people, they refuse to treat him as such, and have afforded him the rights of a citizen, allowing him to “lawyer-up” and be tried in civilian court. They could, if they wanted to, revoke his status, and treat him as an enemy combatant. This would allow us the opportunity to question him as to what other acts of terror these animals have in store for us. But, the Obama administration is more concerned with being “politically correct” and trying to show the world, and our enemies, he is fair and “just,” than he is with the security and safety of the American people. Our enemies aren’t impressed with his “fairness.” They are simply laughing and gloating over their windfall, and are free to continue with their plans.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a baseball game. We can’t strike out Obama and send him to the showers. In fact, Obama is, in reality, playing a game of golf (literally too), and he just gets another Mulligan… and we get the shaft.

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