Friday, February 19, 2010

Surprised and Shocked?

Ok, no one has said it yet – at least not that I know of – so I’ll say it. Am I surprised and shocked that a guy flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin, TX? No. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened more often, lately. I’m not condoning what this guy did, just saying it doesn’t really surprise or shock me.

Of course, by admitting this, the loony-left will say that I and all conservatives and TEA party members are cut from the same bolt of cloth, and will now probably lobby for legislation to ban our use of private planes, making possession of them illegal. However, I’ve learned that it’s useless to argue with these left-wing loons; it’s about as fruitful as trying to explain quantum physics to a four year old.

The reason I’m not surprised by this act of rebellion is that however fanatical or radical this one individual was, no one who has been victimized by the IRS can say that they haven’t entertained similar ideas, for at least a few fleeting moments.

Thankfully, most of us are rational, law-abiding citizens who can find more productive ways of voicing our anger and frustration with a system that puts people in the position this suicide pilot found himself. We can voice our disapproval by forming movements like the TEA Party and rallying voters like the ones in Massachusetts, whose voices were clearly heard a few short weeks ago and which – hopefully - will be heard again loudly in November.

Was this guy who flew his plane into the IRS building a criminal? Yes of course. Should he be held up as some kind of hero? No, of course not. But, should we focus some attention on a system that drove a U.S. citizen to the point where this seemed like his only option? You’re damned right we should. We all know we are being taxed to death and that our taxes are being used for frivolous, fraudulent and less than frugal reasons.

We also know that our taxes are currently being used to reshape and re-engineer our society into the vision of some left-wing radical progressives, hell bent on making the government the dominant entity in American life. What’s worse, we also have come to realize the rate at which this spending of our tax money is proceeding - at about warp nine - far in excess of what we are actually taking in, making it woefully unsustainable and ultimately resulting in the inevitable crash, looming darkly on the horizon.

With tax cuts that had been in place for almost a decade being done away with, with the capital gains tax being raised, with the “Death Tax” being re-instated, with self employment taxes at a criminal level (one of the points made in the pilot’s suicide note), with tax rates for some wealthier citizens who drive our economy nearing the 50 percent level and with the advent of the middle class ultimately having to pay higher taxes, as now even THAT promise seems as doomed as any promised C-SPAN programming on the health care debate, it’s not much of a surprise the IRS and the government are in some peoples sights.

Sometimes, even law-abiding citizens can be driven past the point of no-return. It happened once before in our history: July 4th, 1776.


  1. You do realize that members of al Queda feel that they have sufficient justification to do the same to us, yet I've never heard you suggest we should change things to suit them.

  2. You see folks? This is what I mean about trying to argue quantum physics with a four year old. The one problem that liberals seem to have is that they were born without the “logic gene.” This person is trying to equate Al Qaeda with the plight of disgruntled taxpayers. Where the logic fails is that disgruntled taxpayers are trying to affect changes to a corrupt system, to bring it back in line with the ideals the founding fathers proposed when forming this nation. Al Qaeda, on the other hand, is trying to either convert us to Islam, or failing that, WIPE US OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

    In addition, liberals also have another failing: For them, history started yesterday. If they were to read all past posts, where ever I have posted, they would see I have indeed called for changes, when it comes to dealing with Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorists.

    The first change is - if I had my druthers - would be to wipe THEM off the face of the planet. Failing that, I have routinely called for stricter enforcement of our borders and illegal immigration, profiling of potential risks at ports of call and airports, by targeting men between the ages of 18-45 of middle eastern decent, instead of grandmothers from Wisconsin, treating captured terrorists as enemy combatant, and using enhanced interrogation techniques to extract life-saving intel, and then trying them by military tribunal rather than in civilian court, at the taxpayers expense, while affording them the rights of citizens of this country, all under the guise of being politically correct.

    And the list goes on…

    Oh, and if this person is somehow referring to the concept of changing ANYTHING about our way of life to suit a bunch of backward, sheep-herders, culturally stuck in the middle ages, who worship a murdering, child molesting, polygamist who they revere as a profit, there are only two chances of that ever happening: Slim, and I don’t f**king think so.

  3. The pilot in Austin took his own life and attempted to take others with him---both acts were wrong, although I would suspect your troll would say the first was OK. He was pushed to his tipping point and acted--acted not as most rational people would. Was he on the right or on the left one cannot say from reading his message. It really doesn't make any difference. The man was wrong and he is now dead! The system is wrong and still exist.



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