Monday, March 29, 2010

Myopically Challenged

I read with interest the recent story about the FBI and the ATF raiding and arresting three members of what was referred to as a “Christian militia” group. Now, while I don’t have any sympathies for fanatics of most any flavor, I find it a little disturbing that with all the violence and terror out there that we have to fear, from Muslim terrorists trying to blow up skyscrapers with thousands of people in them, with Mexico ready to explode with drug cartels the size of small armies on our southern borders and with Iran on the verge of getting nuclear weapons, that the resources of the Federal government are instead dedicated to rooting out three fanatic whack-jobs in Michigan. Just proves my suspicions that the current administration consists of nothing more than a bunch of inept amateurs who don’t have a clue. Case in point: While this current President has been in office over a year, he has steadfastly refused to support HIS war in Afghanistan, instead focusing on ramming through socialistic agendas that the public doesn’t want. Only after his recent healthcare victory did Obama even think about visiting Afghanistan, which he now says, of course, is a priority. Obama and his boys are like the Keystone Cops. With people afraid to board airplanes, with the southern border being a powder keg, with allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons and also pissing off our best ally in the middle east, Israel, you have to wonder about the monumental stupidity and myopic waste of time trying to ferret out a couple of guys who like to play army in the woods in Michigan. Just sayin…

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