Monday, April 26, 2010

Border Insecurity

Say what you will, but the Governor of Arizona has more of a set of balls than Obama does, and the Governor is a broad.

It’s about time ALL the border states follow Arizona’s lead and enact the same kind of legislation. If the Federal government refuses to protect our sovereign borders, then the states have no choice but to do it themselves. In fact, I believe a state should always have the right to make its own laws. If they want to make being an illegal alien a crime, especially if these illegals are terrorizing and murdering our citizens, they should be allowed to do so.

All this crappola about civil rights being violated is nothing but a red herring. Any police officer in this country has not only the right to ask a person to show proof of who they are, if the officer has probable cause to believe the suspect is in violation of the law, it is in fact his sworn duty to do so. Try going to the airport and boarding a plane without showing proof of identity. (By the way, would YOU like to board a plane where they haven't asked anyone for ID?) Better yet, try gaining access to this country through normal border checkpoints and see what happens if you can’t prove who you are. Are people, both citizens or non-citizens, having their civil rights violated when they are asked for ID at the airport or border crossings checkpoints? I don’t think so. If I’m in the vicinity of a bank robbery and I match a general description of the bank robber, it’s not a violation of my civil rights to be stopped by a police officer and asked for ID. Conversely, if a police officer sees ten people standing around a location where it is known that illegal aliens congregate to be picked up for day laborer jobs, it is not a violation of anyone’s civil rights if he is stopped and asked for ID.

This political correctness crap, and the liberals in this country who refuse to act responsibly when it comes to illegal immigration, in fear of pissing off some minority group or people who are either in this country illegally or who have entered legally but who are hell bent on staying and doing us harm, has resulted in this country being left open to terrorist threats and was almost certainly responsible for the deaths on 9-11.

It’s time to wake up and smell the crappola they’ve been dishing out. The liberals only kow-tow to these groups who have a problem with securing our borders, and who oppose stopping the flow of illegal aliens into this country, because the liberal Democrats have these groups in their back pocket as a voting block.

The United States should have the same right and privilege to protect her sovereign borders that EVERY other country has and maintains. Never forget that as soon as someone enters this country illegally, the same as if someone enters my home illegally, THEY ARE AUTOMATCIALLY A CRIMINAL.


  1. Have you seen the videos of the rioting? All this time the left wing media have been warning us about the violence that will come. But they ignore the violence that is real coming from the left. It sickens me. They are the dangerous ones. And now Obama is just inflamming things and making them worse. And who does Obama think he is saying that he is against this law? They think this is a democracy instead of a democratic republic. States rights. I have the videos on my blog if you would like.

  2. Yeah Chris, I've seen most of the videos. Makes me want to vomit. I love how they have the "courage of their convictions" but have to hide behind masks, like thieves. They're nothing more than third world scum.

  3. I hadn't thought of the Arizona law compared to showing your ID at other points like you point out here. It really makes me wonder just how political this debate has gotten.

    Your point at the end is very valid. If you are an "illegal alien", then you are in this country ILLEGALLY. That means you broke the law to first enter the country. We can have a discussion on what we as a nation, or a state, should do next, but we have to agree on that starting point: illegal aliens are ILLEGALLY in the country.

  4. Andy, most of the people who are now protesting this law have no idea what the law says. They are simply "reacting" emotionally because from the President on down, liberals want to stir up their voting base against the opposition, who they will now tie to this legislation. When I said the argument was a red herring here is what I meant: The law, as written by Arizona, MIRRORS the same federal law on stopping and asking suspected illegal aliens for ID. The police officer can only ask the immigration status of an individual whom he has already made contact with for some other reason, like a traffic stop or because he had probable cause, like the bank robbery scenario I alluded to above. In addition, federal law has ALWAYS allowed law enforcement to ask aliens for their Green Card, which, by federal law, they MUST always have with them. How else would you be able to tell if someone was here illegally? So, Arizona's law is a copy of what the feds have been doing, or more importantly, what they haven't been doing, and this is why I believe the Arizona law will survive any challenge.

  5. simply reaganesqueWed Apr 28, 08:04:00 AM CDT

    Great post. A crime is a crime. I am a Latino totally for legal immigration. We must take our country back before it is too late.

  6. Everyone is this country is an immigrant, unless you're a Native American. Immigration built this country. However, it was LEGAL immigration, and the assimilation into our society by these immigrants that made it strong - not by illegal aliens refusing to become part of this country, who instead reap the benefits of this nation, while paying no taxes, and who then send their wages back to their native country.



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