Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome to the Nanny State

I hate it when I’m right. I called this one over five years ago, when the same groups who were attacking “second hand smoke” started their campaign to ban smoking in cities and states all over the country. At first, they attacked smokers, but that didn’t work because they were only hurting themselves. So, they got together with the EPA and used bogus data to “prove” that second hand smoke kills.

Of course, no one cared because second hand smoke was at the least an annoyance, so sure, why not let these people have their way, right? Even though they outlawed a legal practice, it didn’t matter because THEY said it wasn’t right. My argument then was that if you allow private groups to join with the government to ban legal practices, ON PRIVATE PROPERTY, especially when their arguments are based on false or erroneous information, just because some group of people believe it’s “best” for everyone, then you jeopardize the rest of your rights; it becomes the preverbal “slippery slope,” you always hear about.

People of course scoffed at this and pooh-poohed me saying I was just paranoid. I used to ask these people, “What do you think these nanny-state-do-gooders are going to do when they’ve accomplished their mission regarding second hand smoke?” Did these people think they were just going to fade away quietly, their mission completed? Hardly.

Now, the same zealots who lobbied to criminalize smoking have a new “Cause Célèbre” to champion. It seems they are after poor Ronald McDonald. No joke. They want to fire and get rid of Ronald McDonald as a spokesperson for McDonald’s. Why, you may ask? Well, it seems they equate poor Ronnie with “Joe Camel,” who they got axed as a campaign add for cigarettes because they said Joe catered to children, enticing the poor little tykes into smoking. Ronald, they say, also entices children to partake of the "fast-food" at McDonald’s, which of course is the leading cause of childhood obesity, says they.

Do you see yet where this is going? Now that we have a nationalized, socialistic health care system in this country, it’s easy to attack any behavior that these nuts say will cause people to get sick, there-by burdening the system with people in need of care. Hold on to your cheeseburgers and fries my friends because it might not be long before you have to buy them on the black market and go skulking in alleyways to consume them. At the least, you almost assuredly will have fast-food taxed, much like cigarettes are now, to discourage you from consuming this devil’s fare.

When are we going to awake from this liberal, progressive stupor our nation seems to be mired in? What ever happened to personal responsibility in this country? Do we really need the nanny-state crowd and agencies like the EPA to mandate what they believe is for our own good, because we’re too stupid not to do things to help ourselves?

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Oh, by the way, Easter candy can cause your teeth to fallout and lead to diabetes. I probably should have warned the Easter Bunny; he’s almost certainly next on the hit list to be marked for extermination.

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