Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Joe Biden- King of Gaffes

You gotta love Joe Biden. He has the balls to walk into someone’s place of business - uninvited - and refer to the product the business sells by the wrong name, eat the product that the business sells, and when the owner of the business says he doesn’t have to pay for what he ate - just kiddingly says if Biden lowers his taxes he’ll call it even - Biden insults him. 

What were people thinking when they elected this clown? Along with his running mate, who hadn’t any executive experience and is now way over his head politically, we have Biden - who is so removed from Middle America that he hasn’t the common sense of a Billy-Goat. The guy who owns this business was so surprised and shocked, that he didn’t know what to say to Biden. 

I have to tell ya - not taking anything away from this store owner - but where I come from, if it had been my business Biden walked into and had insulted me, I would have responded by telling him to un-ass the premises, post haste. But hey, that’s me.


  1. Obama is an incompetent boob. Biden reminded me of a soda jerk who is so clueless. I would have told Biden off and been happy when Biden committed a major gaffe. It is sad but Biden and Obama are such jokes.



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