Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Bill of Rights

Today we celebrate the 219th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, December 15, and it is imperative that we take a moment to reflect upon and embrace the forethought of our Founding Fathers and apply their wisdom to the context that we live in today. This collection of ten amendments to the United States Constitution are what guarantee the sanctity of our individual rights and freedoms and what in the end sets America apart from any nation before or since.

The Founding Fathers understood that when left to its own devices, government will eagerly trample the individual God given rights of the people and that it was their duty as enlightened leaders to protect at all cost the humanity of law and the freedom of the individual. They declared for people everywhere that a government by the people must not infringe on the basic human rights of man to speak, worship, and assemble with whom they choose, and that ultimate power and authority rests in the hands of the governed not those that would govern.

Be ever vigilant. Freedom is never free.

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  1. Our Founding Fathers knew best.

    Happy anniversary Bill of Rights!



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