Monday, December 20, 2010

Trusted Traveler Program Sparks Fears That Mexican Drug Cartels Could Bypass U.S. Airport Security

A Global Entry Trusted Traveler Network kiosk awaits arriving international passengers who are registered for the service at the newly-renovated customs clearance area at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Mexican citizens will soon be eligible to apply for a "trusted traveler" status that will allow them to bypass some elements of airport security when they fly into the United States — a U.S. government-approved program that critics say could be exploited by violent drug cartels.

Under the program, Mexicans who have undergone background checks and are deemed low security risks will be able to fly into major U.S. cities and breeze through customs without being questioned by U.S. Customs agents.

Meanwhile, back here in the U.S., American citizens are electronically strip searched, or felt up and molested, if they want to fly home for the holidays... go figure.

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