Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Are Living In Historic Times

A famous author was para-phrased as saying if you fail to learn the lessons of history, you will be doomed to repeat them. No truer words were ever spoken. We are probably living currently in times that will be looked at historically as the same as when ancient Rome fell - meaning the United States, as we know it, will probably emulate the Romans and enter into a period of decline, and possible extinction. Impossible you say? Think again. Many forget that Rome, referred to as The Roman Empire, started out as a republic, much as we did. How did they go from being a fair and freedom loving republic, to an empire that fed people to the lions for sport?

There were many reasons the Roman Republic, and then the empire it became, failed. But, three reason stand out more than all the rest:

* Declining moral values and political civility at home.

* An over confident and over extended military in foreign lands.

* Fiscal irresponsibility by the central government, a government that by-passed their legislative body and centralized power, given to a few individuals.

Sound familiar?

This nation we currently live in is at a precipice. If it continues on it's present course, it will ultimately fail. The current administration, and it's party members, will be wholly to blame for pushing us over the edge, an edge that is fast approaching. If this happens, we won't see the full effects for some time, maybe 30-50 years. But make no mistake, when we reach that rapidly approaching tipping point, nothing can stop it after that. The only good thing about this is, for me at my age, I won't be around to witness the decline and fall of the United States.

Wake up America! There is still time to stop the demise of our country. But, that time is slipping away very quickly. Demand that the government stop spending money it doesn't have, demand that we return to a more moral-centric nation, and vote those out of power who steal our money and use it to put themselves in positions of power over us, who then circumvent our laws and legislative branch to further their own ideals of a progressive, socialist society where we become dependant on that very form of government, rather than be dependant only on ourselves.

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  1. So True!!! I have said the same thing on my blog several times. We are on the verge of collapse!



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