Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse

If things weren’t bad enough in Tucson, now they have to deal with the fruitcakes from the Westboro Baptist Church, who plan on picketing Thursday at the funeral of that sweet little nine year old girl who was killed on Saturday. These are the bastards who picket soldiers funerals, gleefully thankful for their deaths, to help punctuate their warped beliefs.

I hesitate to refer to these brain-donors-before-death as members of a church, because in reality they are nothing more than a family (who almost assuredly are well in-bred) of miscreants who are so far removed from Christianity as amoebas are from human life.

It isn’t clear yet, but it appears they also have plans to picket at all the funerals for the other five people killed in Saturday’s rampage. There are a few biker groups who plan on trying to put up a human barrier between these vermin and the parents of this little girl, so they don’t have to see them.

Arizona’s Governor and the legislature are planning on rushing a bill to be signed that will force them to stay 300 feet away from the funeral. I say it should be 300 miles. Though, if it was my daughter whose funeral they were picketing, I’d want them a lot closer; I’m a good shot, but why take any chances?

Where is a crazy guy with a 9mm and an extended magazine when you really need one?



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