Sunday, January 9, 2011

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann: A Major Tool

It didn't take MSNBC, and Keith Olbermann, more than a couple hours after the Arizona shooting before finding a way to turn this tragedy into a vehicle that blasted Republicans, talk radio, everyone at Fox News, the Tea Party movement - even Sarah Palin - and effectively placed responsibility for this horrendous act at their feet.

He qualifies his tirade by saying even he might have been guilty of offensive political vitriol in the past, but says the fault of this individual who went on a rampage is directly related to the political rhetoric of Sarah Palin and the people at Fox News, naming Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly specifically.

According to Olbermann - the quintessential sanctimonious windbag - anyone who disagrees with his political viewpoints, and has the temerity to voice those beliefs, does so at the risk of inciting mentally unbalance individuals to kill people. He suggests that we should refrain from being passionate in expressing our political viewpoints because we need to be aware there are people who will become offended and then act out, putting others in danger. Really?

Mr. Olbermann, I’m afraid you don’t understand what it means to be an American, nor what the Bill of Rights represents, nor what even the First Amendment stands for, the very amendment that affords you the right to jump to conclusions about who the Arizona shooter is or what his motivations where, and spout your leftist, radical views.

As Americans, we will never cower like scared rabbits, afraid to anger mentally unbalanced individuals because of what we believe, no more than we will stand idle nor curb our patriotism if our beliefs and way of life anger groups like Al Qaida, when they kill 3000 of our citizens.

If anyone is guilty of inciting someone it is Mr. Olbermann, in supplying ammunition to the radical left by assuming, without any facts whatsoever, the motivations of this obviously deranged individual. If it turns out that this person who went on a rampage in Arizona is found to have no real political center, but rather to be nothing more than a certified nut case, whose beliefs are so disjointed that he could have ended up targeting anyone, I hope Mr. Olbermann has the decency to apologize… though I wouldn’t bet any money nor hold my breath.



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