Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egypt: A Fuse On The Brink of Igniting

Just wanted to make sure that when the defecation hits the rotating oscillator (shit hits the fan, for the less then politically correct among us) that you read it here first. I’m referring to the mess in Egypt. Some liberal-loons have been making noise concerning the situation in Egypt. They see the poor down-trodden Egyptians as freedom fighters and rally to their cause. They equate Hosni Mubarak with the devil and the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt’s savior.

Here’s the way I see it. Is old Hosni a tyrant? Probably. Is he a dictator? Pretty much. Has he kept the peace with Israel for over thirty years? Hell yes. Are the Egyptian protesters freedom fighters? Not by any definition an American would equate it with. Is the Muslim Brotherhood some benevolent peace-loving political action committee? Not on your life.

Sure, Mubarak took U.S. money and ruled with an iron fist over the people of Egypt for thirty years. But, he kept the peace with Israel and kept out the religious fanatics and radicals from gaining a strong hold in Egypt. And now that the people of Egypt are protesting his rule, the left-wing media and all the progressive liberal whackos see the “poor people of Egypt" as freedom fighters and have actually, in some cases, equated them with the colonists fighting for their rights in 1776. Really?

I highly doubt that the colonists thought stoning an adulteress was acceptable. Nor cutting off the hands of a thief. Or cutting out someone’s tongue for blasphemy. Or pronouncing a sentence of death over anyone who decided to leave their religion. Or honor killings. Or just the plain, old, everyday subjugation of women in general. This is what the majority of Egyptians condone, as the majority believe in, and would follow, Sharia Law. And, make no mistake about the liberal-loonies who try to convince the world at large that the Muslim Brotherhood does not believe in promoting Sharia Law, or the death and destruction of Israel, or that of the decadent Western world and its ideals. Anyone who doubts this just hasn’t done their homework. The leaders and people whom the Muslim Brotherhood consist of, or who they look to for spiritual guidance, are on record as having professed these views, unequivocally.

As I said, I wanted to be one of the first to tell you, and having you read it here first, that if some how the Muslim Brotherhood gains even a small foothold in the political landscape in Egypt, eventually you will end up with a second Iran.

Do I feel sorry for the people of Egypt? Maybe. But, I would rather have them controlled by a Mubarak, then let loose on the world by the Muslim Brotherhood. Until Egyptians, and the rest of the Middle East, do away with 15th century beliefs and values, and waken to the dawn of civilization that the rest of the world has long since embraced, I don’t want them in any position to dictate or impress their violent, archaic, dogma and beliefs on any country or people.

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