Monday, May 2, 2011

UBL Is now In Hell! But who really put him there?

As we rejoice over the news that Usama Bin Laden is now feeding the fishes (I love the euphemism the media is using about him being "buried at sea." You have to KNOW that those SEALS just dumped his carcass out the door of that Blackhawk helo like a bag of trash), I'd like to take a moment and reflect back a few years ago. Back to when all the bleeding heart liberals were screaming about how it was illegal for George Bush to capture terrorist scum on the battle field and ship them to Gitmo. How it was illegal to not turn them over to be tried by civilian courts (yeah, that went over really big a short time ago when they tried that guy and the scumbag got acquitted of all the charged except one - a bullshit conspiracy charge), but more importantly how it was absolutely criminal to subject these poor detainees to enhanced interrogation techniques, even if it never endangered their lives, but saved American lives.

Now, of course, we find out that if it weren't for having the intel garnered from those same detainees at Gitmo, probably derived as a result of some form of interrogation, that we probably would still be looking for Usama in some cave on the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan, rather than in the heart of Pakistan, living in the lap of luxury.

I’d like to hear these same left-wing liberal slime who had such affection for the poor detainees, tell us now that finding and killing this slime bag Bin Laden wasn’t worth inconveniencing those murdering, terrorist scum we have sitting in Gitmo. These are probably some of the same people who are jumping up and down for joy that their savior, Obama, announced that ‘he’ got Usama, when it was the efforts and courage of the past administration, and some brave Navy SEALS, who actually made it possible - Obama at best being marked down with an assist. Yes, I’m sure these same bleeding heart liberals, along with all the talking heads in the lame-stream media who are now jubilant over the demise of Bin Laden, are conveniently forgetting who and what exactly made it possible for this to happen. Of course, no one ever said liberal, left-wing loons were anything but a bunch of hypocrites.


  1. SPOT ON... I saw one of the "useful idiots" my terminology for the vast majority of college age kids with a hand made sign to the affect of Obama 1 / Osama 0... The Moron-N-Chief no more deserves credit for this than I do... If not for Gitmo and E.I.T. this scumbag would still be alive... Though I have my own conspiracy theory... I think this is is all a cover up and he was actually killed by that young wife of his after finding out he was having an affair with a goat...



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