Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Time To Act IS NOW!

We better start waking up in this country. Any idiot knows what the problem is, concerning jobs. There are scores of companies out there sitting on BILLIONS of dollars worth of capital, and they are too afraid to use it. Why? Because they are afraid of this inept, bumbling administration, and its track record of targeting business with taxes, regulation and mandates like Obama care, which businesses simply can't figure out what it will do to their bottom line.

Why would a business invest capital to grow their business when they might be the next target of the Oblunder administration? Why would they use money to expand and hire people when they see this administration spending money like it was going out of style, and when they run out, they just print more? Why would business move forward and try to grow when their profits are targeted by an administration who simply wants a larger tax base, so it can throw money at more socialistic entitlement programs that give no incentive to people to help themselves by seeking work, but which also solidifies this administration's power base, and also that of the Democrat Party?

What we need is to let business go about the business of making money, and get the government out of the way so they can do it. Stop attacking the people who provide jobs in this country. But more importantly, this country needs to get its people off the public dole. Not only do we have FAR more government workers than are needed, but we spend more money on entitlements than we have money for. This crapola about taxing wealthy people as the solution to our problems is a fallacy. First, name me one person who ever got a job from a poor person. And second, you could tax EVERYBODY at 100 % and it wouldn't solve our debt problems.

There are only three areas that matter when it comes to addressing the national debt: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. If something isn't done to make cuts in these areas, this country is doomed. If you aren't willing to make cuts with a scalpel now, we will be forced to make cuts with a machete later, which will send this country down the drain. The first thing we need to do is totally scrap our current tax code. When the tax code is so convoluted that even the IRS can't explain or understand it, something is radically wrong.

We should enact the Fair Tax Act immediately. If you're not familiar with this, Google it. We should be insisting that Congress pass this before anything else. If we had changed over to this system, before the housing collapse, I'm a firm believer we wouldn't be in as dire shape as we are, and would have been back on track economically by now.

We are running out of time folks. There is a tipping point coming in this country that, after which, NOTHING we do will matter. We better do SOMETHING now, before we reach that point. The current administration has NO VIABLE PLAN to address what is happening to this country, except to tax more and keep spending.

The opposing party at least has come up with a plan, authored by Rep. Paul Ryan. Is it perfect? Maybe not, but it's a start. What has the Oblunder side said in response? They opposed it of course and scared people into thinking it would be our ruin, BUT DIDN'T OFFER ANY OTHER SOLUTION IN RESPONSE. This administration isn't trying to be part of the solution; in fact, they are a large part of the problem.

If you disagree with any of this, then you are saying you believe we are on the right course currently in this country and everything is going to be just hunky-dory. If so, you would be in the 30 percent minority who believe this. If you believe that our current path is a load of crapola, as I do, you then agree we must do something. If you believe the solution is to tax more and spend it on entitlements, you are simply living in la-la land, because it is a known, finite, matter of fact that we CAN’T - read my lips - CAN’T tax enough to sustain the rate at which we are giving it out. Even if you accounted for all the waste and fraud in the system, it STILL wouldn’t be enough. The ONLY solution is to CUT entitlements in a way that would let us pay down our debt. Yes, this will hurt a little, but it’s better than what is coming if we don’t. When we go belly up, like Greece, and Spain, and Ireland, and a few other examples, we will be forced to cut those entitlements out almost completely. WAKE UP AMERICA, the time to act IS NOW!

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  1. We are heading for another great depression thanks to the failed liberal policies of Obama and the Democratic Party.



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